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  1. bvibelonger

    Baths excursion

    The best way to get to the Baths is to take a charter boat over to spring bay and then you don't have to walk down the trail - Patouche.com I thik goes there every day.
  2. bvibelonger

    norman island

    I think Patouche does the Caves and the nearby Indians 9AM - 3PM with lunch at Willey T's - sailboat trip - give Julie a call.
  3. bvibelonger

    Carnival's Long Bay Beach Excursion

    The BVI is all about the water - not really the islands - I would take a day trip over to the Baths on Virgin Gorda or the Caves on Norman Island - Patouche.com has a sailing trip to the Caves and we ate lunch at the Willy T - a floating 100' schonner that was ablast - go to their website William Thornton on Norman Island. Both of these trips work with the cruise ship schedule - I think you have to book direct with Patouche.com though.
  4. bvibelonger

    norman island

    Julie is Joes wife - where are you going to???
  5. bvibelonger

    Virgin Gorga/Baths - scheduling question

    I know Patouche Charters / Blue Sail BVI (New Name) - I think they're changing the name - they go to the Baths everyday and its better than the ferry because we stayed on a nice catamaran with snacks lunch bar - we were right in the middle of the baths - we just did the 12:30 - 4:30 trip - but it was good - Patouche.com still works.
  6. bvibelonger

    what to do on Tortola....

    I would take the trip to Anegada with Patouche / Blue Sail BVI - just took it in July Patouche.com.
  7. bvibelonger

    norman island

    First time poster - Patouche is perfect for the Caves - I am going to start posting more on this sight because I visit many of the Virgins and personally know some of these people. I went out with Joe to Anegada in July and the trip was incredible - had the Lobster Lunch at Big Bamboos -perfect and well worthmy $30 - power catamaran trip was fast and smooth - he told me they are changing their name to Blue Sail BVI this year - but I just checked and the Patouche.com website is still up. Good move on the Patouche name - I don't know what it means - but Blue Sail BVI sounds better - kinda like the Red Sail in the Caymans.