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  1. No need for another one. It lasts a lifetime.
  2. When we had ours in 2009 it was for 10 years but on the last visit to the travel doctor we were told that it was changed to lifelong cover now.
  3. Good news. Now you can concentrate on your retirement cruise.
  4. Good wishes Lois. I hope the news is positive and that you get to focus on your retirement cruise.
  5. I have done a review of our Coral Expedition cruise and someone ( I think here) asked if I was going to write a review. I can’t find the post so I hope whoever it was sees it. It was posted today https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=669298 I would keep looking but I’m off to golf. Weather not bad, no rain and a bit of wind but not blowing a gale. Good day for golf!
  6. Wow Stumbles, that looks a serious caravan. I think I could even be persuaded to stay in it and I’m not a fan of caravanning. I like luxury and that looks like it would tick all the boxes.
  7. Thanks Silver, I’ve really enjoyed your posts. We are just back from an expedition cruise on Coral Discoverer ( 70 passengers) Broome to Cairns and although we enjoyed it and would love to do some of their other itineraries, we found it very tiring. Probably won’t try another one. Classic cruising suits us better.
  8. Tgh, we still have to finish the blog, but are getting sorted back to normal life for the next few days. I'll write a review then too. Any questions you have I’m happy to answer.
  9. Arrived home yesterday to 10C and rain. Cairns was 31C when we left! We are happy to be home after a wonderful cruise and visit to my sister for a few days. Tomorrow we pick up our cat from the cattery and we will be back in the real world again. Just need to get out of holiday mode and back into our routines again. Lois, glad you enjoyed your cruise. We saw the boat moored on our walks in Venice last year and wondered what it would be like.
  10. We have disembarked from our expedition cruise on Coral Discoverer from Broome to Darwin to Cairns and have really enjoyed it. Now we are "resting" at my sisters at Mission Beach, 2 hours south of Cairns. Three weeks is quite a long time on an expedition cruise for us and we are pretty tired. We were on the go all day but took one day as a sea day at about the day 11. I had FOMO ( fear of missing out) so wanted to do everything offered and it was hot! Looking forward to getting home. Our spring garden has bloomed while we were away and we have missed it. A friend sent photos so we did get a glimpse. We planted in March and it is good to know our magnolia hedge had flowers as they were looking quite sad for a while. I’m sure our cat Trev will be happy to see us after being in the cattery although he is quite spoilt there.
  11. We are on the Coral Discoverer at present and they have a new 120 passenger ship, Coral Adventurer and ? Coral Geographe next year. They have a Darwin to Singapore in Jan 2020 advertised. We haven't been on a Silversea expedition but had 30 nights on Silver Cloud in 2013. Comparing food - not as "refined" as SS but acceptable. Everyone seems to polish off everything without complaint. Wine only offered as included lunch and dinner. Hardly any choice but drinkable ( and we like our wine), and you can purchase much better. I drink Petaluma Chardonnay before dinner ($60) and they keep it for me. It works out a bit more expensive than their Chardonnay/ glass so I’m happy. The excursions have been very good. Expedition team and guest lecturers are knowledgeable and fun. From Darwin to Cairns we have a Torres Strait Artist on board as well to give lessons. I am hopeless but enjoying them. Someone I spoke to feels SS expedition staff had more in depth knowledge but that is from being on this cruise from Darwin rather than the Broome to Darwin. It’s a very different cruise now than last week in the Kimberly for me. Expedition crew and guest lecturers were very knowledgeable about the rocks and animals. Not needed so far on this part of cruise although one of the guest lecturers lived in one of the remote aboriginal communities we visited and spoke the language. Interesting to hear about the culture. There is a flat bottomed vessel called Explorer that takes the 70 people off to the beaches, or transfers people into the 3 zodiacs from the back. The Coral Adventurer has 2 of these for the 120 people. It’s very comfortable for the times you head up rivers for a few hours and has overhead cover. I'm not sure about age of passengers. This second part of the B2B has a much older, less agile demographic. The Adventurer has a lift and the age and frailty of passengers may be older. Kevin is blogging http://www.thefletchers.com.au/The_Fletchers/Broome_Cairns_Cruise_2019/Broome_Cairns_Cruise_2019.html
  12. I’m on an exposition cruise from Broome to Cairns. Two weeks in we were a bit tired and had the day on the ship. We get communication occasionally so am taking advantage of it. We are blogging and I’ll post it when back in civilisation. We have loved every minute of it. Davey, here is our blog about our 2 weeks in India. It’s worth staying at a palace or two. http://www.thefletchers.com.au/The_Fletchers/India_2017/India_2017.html go to the archives and start from the beginning. We went with Enchanting India. They were great. A&K have small group tours there. Your partner could use it as a "famil". My niece works for them and gets to some great places. My friends daughter went to India with Intrepid and liked it it a lot, and other friends have been with them to other places too and were happy.
  13. We were on a different ship about 10 years ago and here is a photo of a wet landing. We snorkeled without a wetsuit in February and only one spot did it feel cold. I had worried about how I would get into the zodiac - had visions of being towed back to the ship - but I was strong enough to get onto the ladder and the crew pulled you into the zodiac. Nothing elegant! Hope this photo works. It’s from our blog. I tried posting a copy of the wet landing photo but it won’t do it so I’m sorry you get the blog page. http://www.thefletchers.com.au/The_Fletchers/South_America_2009/Entries/2009/2/9_GALAPAGOS_-_HOW_DO_PEOPLE_COPE.html
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