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  1. We have been house and dog sitting sitting in Far North Queensland for 4 weeks and now on our way back to Victoria. NSW has had an increase in COVID infections of delta and Victoria has shut the border to people from NSW. As we have been in a green area we have a permit to transit NSW but it has to take no longer than 24 hours. We will leave Queensland at 9am tomorrow, Friday, and drive 900 kilometres (560 miles), stay in a motel overnight, then make an early start for the 200 kilometres to the border before 9am Saturday. Not the leisurely trip we imagined! We share the driving and plan m
  2. Good news Lois. We cancelled a cruise Vancouver to Tokyo for September this year on Regent. A few ports in Alaska which looked beautiful. I was looking forward to it too. I’m sure you will enjoy it and look forward to hearing about it.
  3. An Australian wine from McLaren Vale in South Australia.
  4. Out to lunch today and offered 125 ml glass or 250ml. Waiter surprised when I said 250ml, of course!
  5. We planned a road trip to North Queensland and we’re lucky that NSW and Queensland opened their borders to Victorians only a few days later than we had planned. We had just about given up and had cancelled our NSW accommodation. We quickly rebooked and took off. We had one scare when Magnetic Island was declared a red COVID area the morning we left. We called and had a covid test which was negative. Now at Mission Beach till the end of the month and hoping to get home in August without lockdowns or self isolation.
  6. I’m sorry you will be leaving the ship as I have enjoyed sailing along with you. It has been so nice to see ships sailing again and I’m hoping to see other passengers writing about their cruises.
  7. Enjoy your trip Lois. 🥂🥂🥂 We don’t have anything booked till 2023! We should be allowed to leave Australia well before then we hope. We will look forward to hearing about your days aboard.
  8. Thank you for posting about your trip. It is so good to see a trip report in real time once again. I know you will be enjoying every minute and even though we are on a road trip up the East Coast of Australia ( very lucky to be able to do this), I am still envious. I look forward to reading more.
  9. We did 2 market tours with David. One was to the Bergen market and the other to the market in Copenhagen. My husband blogged about them. http://www.thefletchers.com.au/The_Fletchers/Norway_Baltic_Cruise_2013/Entries/2013/6/21_Bergen.html http://www.thefletchers.com.au/The_Fletchers/Norway_Baltic_Cruise_2013/Entries/2013/7/7_Copenhagen_Market.html It was fun in the market with David seeing him negotiate with the different stall holders. My husband made a faux pas with Rudi. He told him his Thai food wasn’t spicy enough, perhaps made bland for the majority of passengers! Rudi told
  10. Happy anniversary Chris and JP. It sounds as though you will have a fun day.
  11. Regional Victoria is finally coming out of lockdown and yesterday it was announced that other states are opening their borders to us. We had planned a road trip north to Mission Beach and Cairns more than a year ago and had given up hope of going and cancelled some of our bookings. Yesterday we made a fast decision and we will leave on Friday, only 2 days later than originally planned. By the time we reach Queensland we will have caught up with the planned dates of the accommodation we didn’t cancel. It will be a hectic day tomorrow but I’m looking forward to beginning our trip. It’s a
  12. We ( in Victoria) are in lockdown again! Hopefully for 7 days but it will depend on community spread. Friends are back on cleaning sprees again but like Mystys last joke, I’ll look at the mess with disgust from the couch!! If we can’t travel this is what I’m going to do instead while in lockdown.
  13. We get 2 papers on Saturdays and another on Sundays, otherwise we read them on the iPad. I don’t make plans for Saturday mornings as I stay in bed with a cup of tea and start with the traveller sections of both papers. Depending on the weather I can emerge around 11am or sometimes later.
  14. We are feeling very lucky that we are able to travel a little more than this time last year when we were in lockdown. We have taken the car on the Ferry to Tasmania and are having 10 days here. We met one of our daughters in Hobart and had 3 days of gluttony, eating in interesting restaurants. We dropped her at the airport after sharing 3 dozen hot and cold oysters and drove to Piermont, a group of cottages overlooking Great Oysters Bay. The photo is of the view from our cottage at sunset. Sunrise was stunning but I’m not a morning person and it was too early for me to coordinate eyes an
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