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  1. Hi Fletcher. Here is the prawn risotto I cooked last week. My husband made stock from prawn and lobster shells from our Christmas meal. We pulled it out from the freezer and made a seafood bisque which was delicious. I made the risotto with the bisque left over. I sautéed the prawns in a garlic butter before combining them with the risotto. Very rich but tasted much better than it looks.
  2. As all the restaurants here are shut most are doing takeaway. We have been trying to support our favourites so they can keep going. Here are the photos of our meal. Ready in 30 minutes. Potatoes could have been a little crisper, but it was delicious. The pumpkin had miso butter on them
  3. We were in St Petersburg for 3 nights, 2 days sightseeing. Loved the time we had and even though I would love to visit Moscow I’m not sorry we concentrated on SP. Here is our blog from the trip, Copenhagen to London. http://www.thefletchers.com.au/The_Fletchers/Norway_Baltic_Cruise_2013/Entries/2013/7/11_St_Petersburg_Day_1.html
  4. It’s spring here and yesterday was Fathers Day. We are in stage 3 lockdown so no visitors. it was a beautiful day so we had a picnic lunch on our patio.
  5. I live in Regional Victoria in stage 3 lockdown but I can’t see that international travel, in or out of Australia, will begin well into next year. Our Covid numbers, second wave, don’t seem to be stabilising at present and all other states have banned us crossing borders. No state is keen to have Australians returning from overseas even with the 2 week quarantine so I’m pretty sure they won’t be welcoming cruise ships after the Princess fiascos. Unfortunately we have cancelled 2 cruises next year So am feeling pretty depressed about having no travel to look forward to.
  6. We received our deposit refund today. Cruise cancelled on 21 May. Thanks for starting the thread SusieQ, it was interesting to see how long refunds took.
  7. I can get them all except this one. We watched the series Broadchurch and then Vera last night and it took me 30 minutes to understand the accents without concentrating.
  8. I see a photo of Jovi who was on our first Silversea cruise in 2010, on Siver Shadow. We met her in a bar the first night, then she served us afternoon tea the next afternoon and remembered our names. So impressive. I was looking at photos of that trip yesterday. We live near Melbourne where they have been put on stage 4 restrictions due to COVID with the first night curfew ever. We are back to stage 3 here so not as confined and can still get out and exercise around our golf course and lake area. Our pools will be shut but golf course will remain open so we can’t be too sorry for ourselves. Like Foggy, we don’t have a SS cruise booked and have cancelled a Regent cruise from Vancouver to Tokyo and B2B Tokyo to Tokyo that we had been looking forward to. That makes me feel sad, but I can be glad that we have had the chance to travel. The Watercooler has kept me amused with all the jokes and I love hearing about everyone and their lives. Thanks everyone for all your posts.
  9. We cancelled a cruise on May 21st, And on July 1st they said it was processed on 30th June and it would be 15 days+ until it was in our account. . Not sure what is happening and if it’s a slower process because we are Australian and our TA probably booked through the Australian rep. Unfortunately our TA has decided to close and passed the booking refunding process back to Regent. Still no refund so asked again when we were likely to receive it. Different to the last email! Here is the answer. Your refund is currently being processed by our accounts team, I can see that they have noted the booking for a refund and this should be released in our next batch of refunds within the next few weeks. Due to the current global situation all refund requests are taking up to 90 days from cancellation to be completed. We thank you for your patience during these difficult times and we wish to welcome you back onboard in the near future.
  10. We cancelled a September 2021 cruise on 21st May and after enquiring about the deposit return they said it was processed on 30th June, but to expect it to take 15+ days for it to be in our account. Anyone know why it takes so long once processed?
  11. That sounds wonderful. Venice is my favourite city and The Orient Express would be a great experience. We have cruised Athens to Venice and I’m sure you will love it.
  12. Not sure what you need, but here is our quote. I hope this shows you our offer. I see you are from Melbourne. We now live in Geelong. 79493-20 Silver Muse Tokyo, Japan Vancouver, Canada SM210419014 Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan SM210503018 Tokyo, Japan Vancouver, Canada ISSUE DATE: DURATION: EMBARK DATE: DEBARK DATE: SUITE / CATEGORY: EMBARK DATE: DEBARK DATE: SUITE / CATEGORY: EMBARK DATE: DEBARK DATE: $ 16,431.00 $ 49,293.00 $ 65,724.00 17/06/2020 32 days 19/04/2021 20/05/2021 827 / Superior Veranda 19/04/2021 03/05/2021 827 / Superior Veranda 03/05/2021 20/05/2021 PAYMENT SCHEDULE (Currency Australian Dollars) DEPOSIT DUE FINAL PAYMENT TOTAL 17/06/2020 20/12/2020 20/12/2020 8378775 MEL MELBOURNE VIC AU $ 34,600.00 $ 756.00- $ 1,730.00- $ 1,250.00- $ 1,998.00 GUEST 2 MS. GUEST 2 QUOTE MEL MELBOURNE VIC AU $ 34,600.00 $ 756.00- $ 1,730.00- $ 1,250.00- $ 1,998.00 $ 32,862.00 $ 32,862.00
  13. Thanks everyone. The head won and we have decided to wait to see what the future holds. For a few hours I was excited about a cruise! Now sad but feeling hopeful that we can start planning and researching future trips.
  14. Thanks Turtle, we have decided not to commit yet. Will wait to see what the future looks like and how likely we are to arrange insurance. The business class fares were very good,$A999 return or "free" economy.
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