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  1. We are staying at the Maya. I could not get more than a $10 discount, and yes, I called Jessica. :( Yes, you can leave your car, for a price, and get shuttled to the ship, and back. We are leaving our van for 14 days, and it is expensive, however, we are guaranteed a parking spot. In the past, DH has circled all levels of parking at the ship, waiting for someone to leave. He just didn't want to do that this time. Patti
  2. Nice review pblack..:) We have been on Splendor before---during the swine flu cruise fiasco and before the dead in the water fiasco. We are booked for a 14 dayer to Hawaii in Oct. It appears as if it's business as usual--no great surprises for us. :D Honestly, I like the décor, so that doesn't bother me. We are in a suite--another plus. As long as the food is decent, we're ok. We have traditional dining, so we should be good. Thanks for the reassurance. :) Patti
  3. Yes, Thanks Pam. :) We are leaving on October 12th to the Maya. Patti
  4. Me too, but it takes me 2 1/2 hours. ;):D I priced the Bliss MR itin's. Pricey ! Patti
  5. We have sailed the Star and the Crown. The food can be different on each ship. Our Hawaii cruises were on Sapphire and Ruby, which were/are pretty nice ships. I would be open to other lines if you are concerned about the food. Food is so subjective. :) For us, the time of year is a deciding factor, then the ship. DH isn't too fond of having hundreds of kids running around. ;) Patti
  6. Agreed....:) We have taken the Hawaii run with Holland America and Princess, which is our line of choice. In October, we are booked with Carnival because we are taking our 5 year old granddaughter, and DS wanted the kids programs. All of our past Hawaii cruises have been in Feb/Mar or April. For me, there is less humidity then, and the whales are still there in Feb and March. The upcoming October one is an unknown for me, but there are so few cruises to choose from, we booked it 2 years ago.:D Patti
  7. :D I actually just put several boxes of those in the suitcase yesterday. I like the individual Coffeemate ones, and I do put them in a ziplock bag in checked luggage. Patti
  8. Everyone else has the same info I have. :) We also have mobility issues, and priority boarding. I have a wheelchair, which I don't bring, but I now have a walker. It's mostly used for me to sit down if there are no chairs available. That I will bring. SF new terminal is very easy to navigate. The priority boarding lounge area is pretty nice, but seating does get full. We stayed at a hotel right down from the terminal. We had parked in one of the pay lots, and took a shuttle to the pier. Patti
  9. Sounds good ! Patti We are on the same cruise. :D Patti
  10. We have a midship Ocean Suite also, and I cannot wait to spend 14 days in an OS. ;) Patti
  11. Have not tried SHARE, but our dinners in the CROWN were outstanding both times, on 2 different cruises. Patti
  12. Thanks Marc.. We are actually HAL/PCL cruisers, but since we are taking our 5 year old granddaughter with us, DS wanted the kids programs on CCL. Patti
  13. While we are not fans of big ships, and we can't fly, we have booked the Royal for a Feb short cruise. We also have a mid ship balcony. Have to try it !! ;) Patti
  14. Thanks ! That covers pretty much what I was curious about. We sailed Splendor years ago. We didn't like the smoky casino that we had to walk past, and they had the portraits set up right there for formal night. Did they set it up there for your cruise? Patti
  15. Taking booster seat with harness to Hawaii. They have the same requirements as here. I had just planned to bring it with my walker and not check it. Patti
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