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  1. Thank for the pix. Looks like a fun place to be. Bon Voyage!
  2. On the Nieuw Amsterdam 2010 lots of decorations and costumes all day, a parade around the ship, and a big party in what was then the dance club. I don't remember pumpkin carving but probably! Looking forward to the Rotterdam first sailing October 20. Maybe they'll roll out all the party gear! !
  3. Wishing all the best to you and your children. Have a lovely trip filled with new memories.
  4. Thanks so much again for taking us along and sharing so much great info. Safe Home!
  5. I expect to use them for part of final payment as well. Any experience with that?
  6. On Zuiderdam Sept 2019 Navigator worked well for ship day to day info, but when trying to message with family onboard consistently said no one by my name was on the ship. Amusing since my shipboard account showed every day! It also works much better on newish iPhone than new iPad. Full Rotterdam itinerary including excursions for example. iPad only the first 3 days listed with no other info.
  7. Have to assume the way muster was handled on NA yesterday will continue at least for this year.
  8. On Koningsdam my muster station was theater, and Nieuw Statendam was dining room. Everyone gathered at the same time. We never went outside. The decks are too narrow for line up. Cards were scanned at entrance, listened to captain's information, life jacket demo and dismissed. Required stateroom TV information important and must be watched for TV to continue.
  9. I am so sorry for your disappointment and hope your future travels will work out.
  10. Bon Voyage to you and all the pioneers! We'll be cheering the sailaway. Thanks for taking us along. Looking forward to your reports. While I don't wish time away, can't wait for Rotterdam in October.
  11. You have to be lucky with flight arrivals and bus schedules. I have gotten right on HAL transfer to hotel both by cab or bus. Also waited nearly two hours to go directly to port. In Boston Sept 2019 about 20 HAL transfers I met at the airport at 9 a.m. arrived at the pier around 12. I took a cab for the short ride around 10 and checked in right away. They had been at the airport all that time with very little seating. i spoke to HAL airport rep who said buses were only about every 2 hours! Unfortunately, boarding was quite delayed due to first US port of the season which added to the discomfort.
  12. I have not found any reference to 7 day vaccination interval on the WHO website. In fact, less than 21 days is specifically NOT recommended on all related websites. Can you be more specific regarding this information.
  13. Just again checked my Rotterdam Oct booking which shows 2 promotional dining which was included along with beverage package, wifi, and daily tips. This time it connected to Pinnacle Grill to schedule day and time. Only 2 days available dates at 5:00. However, it requires $48 credit card payment up front which I presume will be credited on board. I have a lot of onboard credit already and don't want to go through the possible hassle. I'll see what happens in person. Just an FYI.
  14. The updated Navigator shows all my current bookings including the itinerary dates for Oct 10 Rotterdam that they cancelled June 2. It still appears in my website account including the ability to pay as the previous cancelled ones did until refunded. Navigator also says to come back closer to cruise to plan itinerary. Oct 20 and Nov 3 Rotterdam are listed but no ability to see any info. Amazing that they would make a big deal of hurrying to announce the updated Navigator and encouraging use and then admitting live that not all of it was actually working! I guess we really shouldn't be surprised as their IT is always poor. Rather insulting that they think we wouldn't know any better! All my family including myself have extensive IT experience and would never roll out a new product until it was truly ready.
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