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  1. Three days ago booked Feb 2 Hawaii rather assuming Nov Hawaii would be cancelled !! Maybe I'll just forget the whole thing and stick with Oct 2021 Ryndam to use FCC from cancelled April cruise, of course assuming it is launched by then. May all our problems be no greater than this.
  2. I just booked Feb 2, 2021, Koningsdam 18-Day Hawaii in case Nov 3 Hawaii is cancelled or I decide to wait a few more months to cruise again. Both have HAL air and hotel to make it easier just in case. As a solo the cost is about the same. Must decide before Aug 1. I make my own bookings on line and call when I need something. I have seldom used a cruise consultant, but with things as they are, I thought it might be a good idea now. She spoke to "powers that be" last evening about my FCC for cancelled April. I have made several calls with long waits as well. It definitely shows will be available but has not yet officially been assigned to my Mariner ID. It's always "about 30 days more" for E-mail notification. It's been over 90 days so far! Can be assigned directly to whichever cruise I prefer including Oct, 2021 Ryndam. The 25% refund was posted to my credit card within a week of cancelling. As long as I know it's there I'm OK, but I will continue to follow up. Cheers!
  3. Love the new ships and all those sea days. Wish we all had the luxury of driving to port. Stay well.
  4. Koningsdam 18-day Hawaii 11/3/20 booked last October will hopefully still be a go. Very much missed the cancelled April Nieuw Amsterdam 24-day Transatlantic/Med. Just booked Ryndam Transatlantic October 2021. Keeping positive thoughts on completion date and state of the world by then.
  5. My first cruise was on her as well - 14 days Copenhagen to Rome including Paris, Tuscany, Provence. I was thrilled. The main stage was a lovely show lounge like BBKings on Koningsdam, and the Crows Nest was my new favorite place on earth. I loved every part of the ship experience. I was totally hooked on cruising and have been fortunate to have over 40 cruises all over the world since. It was my first trip to Europe, first trip anywhere by myself and 9/11 happened 4 days in. We were well taken care of and like now the whole world changed. But we'll be back.
  6. An amazing story of courage, dedication and perseverance. With grateful thanks to all.
  7. Should be second sea day on Nieuw Amsterdam from Ft. Lauderdale to Western Med ending in Barcelona on the 28th. It would be about lunch time followed by classic cruise dilemma "is sitting on deck with a drink and a book doing something or doing nothing." Hope you get to do that trip another year Horizon Chaser. I would love to be at the wonderful game lodge again in South Africa. Best of luck to everyone.
  8. Sad to not be boarding NA tomorrow for TA/Med for the rest of April, but does not seem so important now. Hope to meet some of these lovely people in the future.
  9. I also have seen refunds on only some of the excursions which I cancelled on line a few days before cancelling the April 4 transatlantic. They were credited quickly and then nothing. Also the refunded cruise portion posted to my credit card in a few days.
  10. Apple. Even updated just now.. September Zuiderdam cruise would only show my daily statement (of course). No other functions. Even with front desk help (two different people) it consistently said no one with my name or birthdate on board! However, January on NS all worked fine but never tried history.
  11. Interesting. The only thing the app will show me is the general HAL info and cruise mapper. No countdown or history, etc. All say will be available on board.
  12. Kathy49 - Where did you get the information that David and Sally Abel tested positive.
  13. No hand washing stations outside MDR, however. Better something than nothing.
  14. Puerto Rico has certainly had more than its share of trouble recently. Those of us whose cruises have been or may be affected by the pod problem are grateful for the continuing excellent first hand and technical info. Thanks everyone. Hopefully HAL will respect our concerns.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to share recent first hand info bahalter and fatcat. Balcony sitting and sipping definitely falls under doing something or doing nothing category of best cruise activities. Cheers!
  16. I hope NS has the excellent Bloody Mary with huge shrimp and veg garnish I enjoyed at aft pool bar on K when it was new. Almost lunch. Not on a special menu at the time but many takers.
  17. Thanks for the comments and pics. Back to my earlier comment regarding the April transatlantic I'm booked on, won't this have to be fixed before then?
  18. Still a bit concerned about repositioning Ft Lauderdale to Barcelona 4/04/20 and the Med beyond. If in fact full repairs were not made, would they attempt a 6-day transatlantic on one pod which would eliminate redundancy? Hopefully, this saga is indeed not over yet.
  19. On line payment still not working. A very efficient 5 minute phone call to main HAL number with credit card info did work fine. Other login and account access options don't always work either. Screen sometimes freezes and turning everything off is the only way to exit the site. They are well aware of site issues but never criticize just apologize and politely take care of what you need.
  20. Machines still at Lido and Dining Room entrances on Zuiderdam to Canada in September. Noticed more people seemed to use them in dining room with welcome receiving line right there than lido unattended.
  21. Actually my preferred Marriott Harbor Beach Ft. Lauderdale in April through HAL is $150 less for one person and $100 less for two per night with transfers so not always more. As well, one way flight back from Barcelona HAL booking is half AA price so a good deal all around.
  22. Thanks so much for taking along on your voyage. Lovely pictures. Will be boarding in Boston when you return. Hopefully we'll be as lucky with the sunny weather. Smooth sailing.
  23. I will also be boarding in Boston for Quebec City with my two sisters and BILs when you return - one couple's first cruise It has been so enjoyable to travel along with you. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share your experiences on land and sea. I was on Zdam when new and I'm pleased to see the ship looking so lovely though quite different in places like the very red dining room it was then. Smooth sailing now and in the future.
  24. Also, please always leave passport, most of your money and one all but one credit card in the hotel safe. No need to carry it around. A copy of the picture page or your drivers license along with a hotel card will at least ID you in an emergency. Glad your OK. Enjoy the rest of of your trip.
  25. Did B2B on Koningsdam to Iceland. Embark, turnaround, and disembark in the nice port facilities in Amsterdam 2 years ago. All worked very easily. HAL tour on turnaround day got us off the ship quickly. Return to ship only required showing in transit card and waiting in line with everyone for usual security bag check. HAL airport transfers, and the very nice Movenpick hotel next to terminal before embark made it all seamless. HAL picked up luggage from room. Before England and Scotland ports UK officials came on board for face to face with everyone including crew. Have a great trip.
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