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  1. I agree its not about the actual money being spent but the increasing lack of loyalty acknowledgement.
  2. Even though I am Elite with Princess I haven’t cruised with them since 2015. I’ve recently booked the April 2022 Emerald transatlantic and UK with Princess Plus providing $100 on board credit. No other OBC so far. Last night I booked a shore excursion I particularly wanted and was surprised that the $100 was automatically deducted from the cost with no option not to use it. It really doesn’t matter when it’s used but if I decide to cancel the tour before boarding will the $100 be refunded to my onboard account? I usually pre-book excursions and will request the Elite 10% off onboard. I’ve found the the website to be quite functional compared to others but anticipates almost too much and you have to be careful. The Medallion App is another story!! So far more annoying than helpful.
  3. @SeaSickSailor My late husband was Special Forces 1st Cav ‘62-‘65 Korea and Japan. Hope you are feeling better and can enjoy the reunion. Thanks to all for their service.
  4. Mr. Rotterdam on the wonderful four week Rio-Athens voyage in 2007 was a tablemate. Jokingly one day I asked if he was and he said yes!! We had to keep the secret for a couple of weeks. We each won a nice HAL swag bag. The good old days! Would be so easy to bring back many things that were special and took little effort or cost.
  5. I would only be comfortable with full vaccination of everyone so hope it continues. Masks are fine with me too. I’ve never stopped wearing one. Getting my third vaccine tomorrow.
  6. Both HAL and Princess have the same fully vaccinated and 2-day testing rules through Dec 31, 2021, but no mention of what happens after that. Hard to plan future cruises without knowing the rules. They are addressing what will and will not sail, an enormous task, but not the health and safety protocols to go along with them for 2022. Unfortunately, nothing magical will happen January 1 to change things.
  7. Good morning. I haven’t chatted a lot lately but I’ve been lurking. This is my 20th anniversary of first cruise old Noordam Copenhagen to Rome with 9/11 so returned to a whole new world. 38 cruises later all over the world I still love it and I’m so grateful. Thanks prayers and cheers everyone. This is a great group. Stay safe. Cindy
  8. Connecting door is beyond the closets and they are just like all cabins. Veranda dividers can be partially opened.
  9. Can look at entire website but still no account access
  10. However you choose to package it up, make sure you have a pharmacy list and the generic names of everything in case for whatever reason you need to refill in another country. Happened to my friend while on a cruise in the UK and pharmacy was able to help. Needed to go to a health center which wrote it and it was either free or nearly. OTC items seldom an issue.
  11. Calling Flight Ease directly works much better than trying to book on line. I have had same experiences in the past. On Friday AA cancelled flight Phl-AMS in October. Did the research for new flights on line and then called to book. Excellent very pleasant agent did everything for me including setting it up on Delta.com with me. Surprisingly there was hardly any on hold time around 5:00. Original lower price was protected since flight cancelled. I’m going to call tomorrow to try to upgrade so we’ll see if the service is that good again.
  12. Other than Amsterdam listed as turnaround on oct 20, the other ports highlighted are dates from the previous cancelled sailing.
  13. John, you are kind, generous and so entertaining. Thanks for taking us along. I’m so looking forward to Rotterdam October transatlantic. Wish us luck that it sails. Safe travels cindy
  14. As of now unless extended or rewritten, the Conditional Sail Order is set to expire November 1.
  15. Welcome to CruiseCritic. So glad you are able to cruise again. I am also Cindy and have nearly 50 cruises mostly solo over the last 20 years with HAL, Celebrity, Princess and a few more. It can be a little daunting but definitely the best way to see the world. Please join in the conversation for your cruise. They will have information about the Meet and Greet which is typically in a lounge, other onboard activities people are interested in, tours, etc. It does seem to involve mostly couples but there are always many solo travelers. Anyone can participate equally and people are usually quite friendly. I think of it as being a "plus one." The ship may offer solo travelers get togethers, lunchs, etc. you can find out about onboard. I choose fixed dining with a large table and have been so lucky to always have excellent dinner companions to enjoy evening activities with and maybe join on an excursion. (The occasional pajama night with room service and a movie after a long day is great too!) Have fun!
  16. Bon Voyage! Will look forward to your informative and entertaining posts.
  17. Per their website, HAL will provide free mandatory antigen testing at the pier for all passengers for cruises embarking in Europe following EU Healthy Gateway Protocols. Not free only for Europeans.
  18. Thank for the pix. Looks like a fun place to be. Bon Voyage!
  19. On the Nieuw Amsterdam 2010 lots of decorations and costumes all day, a parade around the ship, and a big party in what was then the dance club. I don't remember pumpkin carving but probably! Looking forward to the Rotterdam first sailing October 20. Maybe they'll roll out all the party gear! !
  20. Wishing all the best to you and your children. Have a lovely trip filled with new memories.
  21. Thanks so much again for taking us along and sharing so much great info. Safe Home!
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