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  1. wow; hope they dry dock her before my Greece cruise in May; been booked a long time since it always sells out fast.
  2. I have a horrible back thank you. There is a chair at the vanity/desk and one on the balcony. It just took up space. Not sure it was a cost saving thing; I bet more people tripped over it or stubbed a toe making it a liability issue. Book a deluxe and you have a sofa to sit on.
  3. Sailed 5/18 and she was terrific. No complaints worth stating here. I could be picky; couldn't we all, but overall the cruise was just perfect in every way.
  4. The 5/18 Royal Alaska cruise had inside cabins for $199 and balconies for $499. I call that about as cheap as you can get and Royal was amazing. food and service were better than last time I sailed her years ago!
  5. amen to that! A chair??? Really. I could care less about a chair. I love Royal and Regal although I do miss the Promenade walk around, but that's it! Just off Royal in Alaska and loved it. Food was amazing. Service great. Medallion spectacular. Everyone makes cuts and has to punt to save $$$ and keep the rooms filled. The old addage "the grass isn't greener" certainly applies here!
  6. anywhere up on 16 or 17 on the open decks. People hogged the window seas in the buffet for hours. We just used our balconies; one port and one starboard.
  7. Definitely starboard/right side. We did southbound on the port side and saw beautiful scenery almost the entire trip. So glad we did it. Had a friend on starboard who didn't get all the scenery. We did however switch from cabin to cabin while spinning in glacier bay! We had great views of everything from our balcony and listened to the narration of the park rangers on the TV. It was an amazing trip!
  8. It does matter when you have plans, requested and were granted first walk off, were at your assigned station on time to follow directions from the crew (which didn't exist) and then have hundreds of people cutting in front of you while you are being escorted to the disembarkation ramp! Sometimes they go earlier; agree. This time was later; it happens. Exodus should begin when the ship is cleared in the order in which the tickets and accompanying paperwork say you are to leave. Not a mad rush for the door. It wasn't pretty.
  9. The ship was late allowing departures, definitely not me! My walk off was 8:10 and I was there at 7:30. Should still go in order A, B, C, D. They give you actual paper "tickets" for each person! Should be checking them at the queue to exit. Just my opinion.
  10. I was in the casino on the 5/18 cruise and didn't notice any excessive smoke. i'm an ex smoker so it bothers me ton. None upstairs either. May have been a malfunction on a filter or something but it was no issue. Formal nights are non-smoking nights for those who don't like the smoke. I agree that the casinos on Royal and Regal are poorly organized and also have crappy machines.
  11. The Royal did not disappoint and did Alaska extremely well. She navigated without issue through all the naysayers predictions and docked as scheduled in each port. The Medallions worked amazingly well and what a treat to order a drink from your phone and have it delivered! Food in all venues (any time dining with never a wait, Crown Grill, Sabatini's and the wine makers dinner) was beyond expectation. My 2 complaints were 1. The spa was way overboard. Pushy was a mild term for them. I pre-booked appointments and good thing I checked my bill because they pre-charged me the first day onboard for all 3 treatments and none of them were the ones I booked and/or at the price I booked. They overcharged me by over $150! Then they had attitudes when questioned. Made me never want to use the spa again (and this was my 9th Princess with appointments on all of them). 2. Disembarkation. Mostly due to rude passengers but somewhat the ships fault. They issue tickets and never bother to check them. I purposely did first walk off A. No one checked tickets in the waiting area. When they finally said to go (about 45 min late), the other groups (B,C,D) bombed the lines making the area an absolute disaster! Get a system, check the tickets, make the people cutting lines go to their waiting areas, and stick to it. Other than those 2 minor issues, Alaska was beautiful and so happy I got to do my first trip there on Royal.
  12. At one point, my Royal 5/18 cruise was selling for $199 for an inside! i upgraded to a mini for a song! I love Royal and would choose her over other ships anytime. Didn't feel crowded anywhere we went. No problems docking. Food and service were amazing. No complaints except slow internet most of the week which I didn't expect!
  13. We just had mini M428 which was just past the seawalk and it was amazing. One of the angled balconies. We had a clear vision of the ship all the way aft and the elevators and stairs were right there. Very convenient!
  14. Just off the Royal Voyage of the Glaciers southbound and after 9 princess cruises, I will say this was by far the best cruise and vacation I have ever had. We flew into Anchorage 3 days early. Stayed at Capt Cook hotel which was amazing! Took the Alaska railroad for a whole day trip (6:30 AM til 10:15 PM) to Seward where we took a whale cruise! Got to see amazing views on the train and learn a lot. Well worth it. Took the train SAturday am from Anchorage to the ship. Arrived at noon time and our bags we left at the train station were brought to our rooms in the afternoon We checked in and walked right on the ship! I love the Royal. If she's still in Alaska next year, I would sail her again in a heartbeat. She has so many more venues and spaces and that amazing piazza to hang out in than the other ships. I miss the amenities when sailing on smaller ships. Good luck and you will love it. Promise! Happy to answer any questions.
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