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  1. According to the OFAC existing bookings should be honored. The cruise lines need direction on how to accomplish this.... 6. Are authorized travelers who have initiated travel arrangements prior to the addition of an entity or subentity on the State Department’s Cuba Restricted List required to cancel their Cuba-related travel plans if their travel arrangements involve direct financial transactions with a listed entity or subentity? UPDATED June 4, 2019. Questions are current as of the dates indicated below. Consistent with the Administration’s interest in avoiding negative impacts on Americans for arranging lawful travel to Cuba, any travel-related arrangements that include direct financial transactions with entities and subentities that appear on the State Department’s Cuba Restricted List will continue to be permitted, provided that those travel arrangements were initiated prior to the State Department’s addition of the entity or subentity to the list. Once the State Department adds an entity or subentity to the Cuba Restricted List, new direct financial transactions with the entity or subentity will not be permitted, unless authorized by OFAC or exempt. For a complete description of the scope of the prohibition on direct financial transactions and the restrictions and exceptions that apply, see 31 CFR § 515.209. [11-08-2017]
  2. Since the Mallory Pier looks fixed, are they going to stop using the OM Pier? when there is only one or two ships? We are on the NCL Sun June 18th and Port Calendar shows OM...
  3. Looks like all the Azipods had work done...
  4. Nice new coat of paint....still need to put the name on...lol
  5. The travel restrictions will probably change at some point. The May 2nd is to do with filing lawsuits can begin. Looks like travel will go on for a while. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/news/2019/04/18/usa-cuba-new-travel-restrictions/
  6. The May 2nd date is to do with lawsuits. Don't know how long until the travel restrictions change, might be a while...maybe just modifications. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/news/2019/04/18/usa-cuba-new-travel-restrictions/
  7. Yes, it looks like it will be a while until the new rules come into play. We are going June 17th sailing...should be interesting. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/news/2019/04/18/usa-cuba-new-travel-restrictions/
  8. arasg

    What now?????

    Well after reading this article it is all up n the air and a better understanding of what will happen. It just might be a change in the rules and there is no date set yet. The May 2nd date is the date Americans can sue businesses & property owners. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/news/2019/04/18/usa-cuba-new-travel-restrictions/
  9. Will cruise to Cuba come to an end? If so, When? https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/fl-ne-cuba-travel-restrictions-20190417-story.html
  10. So if the weather clears up a bit in Freeport, we may be able to see in the distance what's going on with the Oasis, from the Carnival Pride bridge cam. (wish they would clean the lens ...lol) http://www.*****/cruise-ship-webcams/carnival-cruise-lines/carnival-pride.php
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