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  1. Have a great time, Kim! 🏖️🏝️😀
  2. I'm sorry to hear how hard your job has been and I hope you find something that you end up loving! It’s great that you will be vacationing again soon. I look forward to seeing lots of beach pictures. 🏖️😊
  3. Thanks, Greg, for taking us along on another trip. I really enjoyed this one!
  4. I could really go for one of NCL's Raspberry guava mojitos right about now. 🍹
  5. Such gorgeous scenery! It looks like you are enjoying nice weather, too.
  6. Thanks for taking us along again! I enjoyed the trip. 🍹
  7. Maybe you weren't as famous then? 😇 I know I didn't follow that one, although I have since read it once I realized how good your reviews are! You must be counting down the hours until departure now.
  8. I look forward to hearing all about your trip and seeing some pictures. 😀
  9. Great, another trip to live vicariously through! 😄🍹 Cheers.
  10. I say post whatever you can and don't stress yourself out about it. I'm happy to hear about your job but it seems as though you are working very hard, so make sure to take some time for yourself. 🙂
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