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  1. Oh no, that is so sad for Billy and his family. They will definitely be in my thoughts, too. 😢 Heather
  2. Sometimes on CSI Miami there would be shots of cruise ships at the port. Heather
  3. So sorry to hear that, Kim. I'm sending you a hug. Heather
  4. What a wonderful video! The colour of the water is just so beautiful. Congratulations on your 25th, you certainly celebrated it right. Heather
  5. Thanks for the beautiful sunrise pictures to both of you. Have fun! Heather
  6. Thanks again for not giving up on reviewing, considering all of the difficulties you had last time. I know we all appreciate this. When a review is well-written and keeps me entertained, I have no problem waiting for its conclusion. Life tends to get in the way sometimes. Best of luck to you and I hope you are able to cruise again in the near future. Heather
  7. We just did this in Oct. We left Horizon and walked to NCL Getaway, which was docked right behind us. We carried our luggage off ourselves, which I'd recommend if you can. We did have to walk through a commercial building parking lot which was rough and rocky and dodge cabs and departing passengers but it was so worth it! Heather
  8. We're sailing in April and I'm going in with an open mind. This cruise DH & I are taking our oldest son and his wife. My son has very limited vacation time and Epic fit, so off we'll go with a few days at Disney before. We're all pretty laid back and all really enjoy cruising so I'm sure we'll have fun. Heather
  9. Enjoying the review so far! We were on Horizon in Oct. and Mike was our CD, too. We thought he did a great job, too and enjoyed the ship and our cruise. All of our comedy seemed to be held in Limelight and there was a line to get in every show! Heather
  10. I'm happy to be here at the beginning of this journey, too. Thanks for sharing Atlanta with us! Too bad about the drink package but I'm sure you'll still have a great cruise. Heather
  11. Mike, it's so nice to see you back again! Thanks for another wonderful review and all of the great pictures. Heather
  12. I wouldn't recommend the orange chocolate mousse available in the dining room. The mousse part was just ok, but the orange part was cubes of orange Jell-O at the bottom of the dish! Too weird for me. Heather
  13. I always find your reviews very entertaining, so thanks for writing another one! We were on Getaway in October for the second time, but alas, in a lowly balcony cabin. I made do with the raspberry guava mojitos, my husband also enjoyed the thermal spa and we had a good cruise. I'm also glad to hear you enjoyed the Cavern Club on Epic, since that's up next for us in April and we like live music, too. Heather
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