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  1. Thanks, Harry, for more absolutely stunning pictures! I guess I am a peasant. 😆 Someday that will change, I'm sure, as I've wanted to sail Royal for a while now. Heather
  2. I'm doing fine, thanks. We had an 11-day Southern Caribbean cruise booked on Serenade with my oldest son and daughter-in-law on March 23. Of course, that was cancelled. It would have been our first cruise on Royal and their third. We'll have to try again to cruise Royal; maybe next year? Bring on the rock pictures! 😀 Heather
  3. Hi Harry! Thanks for coming back to update us and provide more of your great pictures! I enjoyed the Disney ones. My daughter-in-law has been to Japan twice and just loves it there. She was hoping to go again this year, but now that won't be happening. Stay well, Heather
  4. Thanks, Sid. If I ever get back to Tortola I'd love to go to JVD. It looks gorgeous.
  5. Same thing here and I've checked my notification settings as well. I'll email Help, too.
  6. Thanks for the update, Matthew. I agree with you that everything is up in the air right now. I'm sorry your Alaska trip won't be happening. Here's hoping we can all travel in the future. Heather
  7. Thanks so much for doing this, Sid! I was supposed to be cruising this week, so this is helping (somewhat) distract me. Oh, and glad I got to taste that pb tequila last April. 😀
  8. Somewhere, yes. I'll see if I can find it for you. 😀
  9. The best towel "animal" we have ever seen was on Carnival Horizon. Our steward made a man sitting on our toilet! With the lights turned off it was a very creepy sight but we had a good laugh about it and our steward was so pleased when we thanked her. I think you are right that some enjoy making them.
  10. Oh, Kim, what horrible news to receive after all this time. I'm sorry to hear this and that you still have so much pain. I'm glad your primary care doc is taking this seriously and I really hope you get this sorted out soon. Thinking of you. 😥 Heather
  11. What does that mean? Anyway, it's an away game so I won't be there! 😆
  12. And I see they're still calling him "elderly" and "silver-haired" SMH.
  13. I'm here and can't wait to see what you and sistah get up to! Have the best time! 🛳️🍹😎 Heather
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