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  1. SenatorsFan

    New dessert buffet

    On Horizon the cakes were out for every lunch. Some are different each lunch. There was always a German chocolate cake. The chocolate peanut butter was very good, but I found not all the cakes were to my liking. Enjoy! Heather
  2. Yay, I can see your pictures now. I'm looking forward to the rest of this review. Heather
  3. Hi Jeff, I'm so glad to have another wonderful picture review from you and Patti to look forward to! Bermuda is definitely on my bucket list. Heather
  4. First, congratulations on your engagement! What a wonderful proposal. I wish you both much happiness in the future. I really enjoyed your review and all the wonderful photos you posted. I'm also happy to hear there will be another cruise next year and hopefully more pictures to look forward to. Heather
  5. SenatorsFan

    What I ate on NCL Getaway 10/14 Eastern Caribbean

    I'm loving this thread! We were on this cruise, too, and had some of the same dishes. I agree with your wife, that pork on the mashed sweet potatoes was awesome. We were a little disappointed in our dinner at Cagney's also. Our truffle fries were good, but my DH felt the steak was not as good as it's been in the past. And I thought Million Dollar Quartet was the best show I've ever seen on a cruise ship. Funny how so many people walked out early and missed the last part. Heather
  6. SenatorsFan

    NCL Getaway Oct 14-21 Review

    We were on this cruise also and had a good time. You are so right about those photographers. We usually buy at least one photo, but not this time. Four pictures were taken at embarkation and in all of them my husband had his eyes closed. Seriously, couldn't the photographer have taken a second to check his screen and notice this? In Tortola on the pier with the "Sailor Girl" they cut her totally out of the photo with DH. Heather
  7. SenatorsFan

    NCL Getaway Oct. 14 Review

    Great review and pictures! We were on this cruise too, second time on Getaway and we also were on Escape last Oct. Everything felt very familiar and we really enjoyed our cruise, but I still think Escape gets a slight edge for me. We thought Million Dollar Quartet was amazing and I had many Raspberry Guava Mojitos, too. And, speaking of complainers, the worst I saw was a woman at La Cucina who kept demanding more cheese, complaining about the sauce, etc. Our waiter did his best with her but she was truly out of control. Heather
  8. Still enjoying the stunning scenery depicted in your photos. Heather
  9. I'd try the brisket slider and truffle fries, but the others, meh. Heather
  10. SenatorsFan

    Magic / Live / Solo / Sep 30-Oct 7 2018

    Thanks, Sid, for another awesome review. When I read your Vista review I thought that would be our next Carnival cruise, but it turns out we are sailing on Horizon this Sat.:D (And then Getaway for the 2nd time) I am super excited! Maybe I'll ask for a special tequila drink at Alchemy, too.:cool: I love how you honour your lady on your cruises. I too have a special necklace I wear for my baby boy who died in 1996. It's not his ashes, but a silver heart missing a link with his birthstone. Heather
  11. SenatorsFan

    Canadian tv spoof of NCL Dawn

    That's hysterical! :D Thanks for sharing. Heather
  12. Success! I can see them now and really enjoyed them. I've been to Grouse Mountain before so I enjoyed the view, but we didn't do anything that you did. :) Heather
  13. I'm enjoying another of your wonderful reviews, Trip. Your pictures are beautiful and I can't wait to see the Alaska ones. And, I can't see the videos, either. Heather
  14. SenatorsFan

    I need a DRINK!

    I'll go with the Miami Vice, too: half pina colada, half strawberry daiquiri. Yummy. :) Heather
  15. SenatorsFan

    Fun on the Horizon 7/31-8/8

    Thanks for all the details which will be very helpful for my Horizon cruise in Oct. :) I'm glad you had a good cruise. Heather