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  1. On our very first cruise that the DSC was instituted we removed the charges from our bill and tipped our room steward, waiter and asst waiter as we normally would. Since then we've just left on our bill, just easier. Although I and my children have at one time or other worked in a job the relied on tips, I have a hard time being told who to tip and how much. I understand that this is a significant portion of the staff's wages, but feel that the cost should just be included in the overall price of the cruise. Because of my negative feelings about this whole thing I rarely tip extra. Would proba
  2. Perhaps I'm just confused, but isn't AZ a one dose shot like the J & J. Know it hasn't been approved by US, but don't the regulations state that if it's approved by the WHO it is okay to cruise.
  3. While I understand the OP frustration, there are fewer people staying in suites than in "regular" cabins. This issue needs to be resolved for future sailing for all who are boarding the ship.
  4. Sounds to me like there are several issues here. If the OP purchased the transfers through the cruise line, the cruise line should have anticipated time of arrival and had the entire group scheduled for check in at the time the transfer arrived at port. Someone should have met the transfer and escorted them to a check in line, and being sure suite guests were in the appropriate line. They paid extra for the transfer and should have been treated accordingly. A group of travelers who had later check in times decided to come to the port at 10 a.m. knowing their check in time wasn't un
  5. This newest offer I received today seems to be a repeat of what I received in late June other than it no longer has the November sailing included - or anything in the caribbean. Although a free inside stateroom, there are still taxes/port fees/deposit and probably the most prohibitive with the European sailings, the airfare and the covid things that need to be adhered to. For me getting on any cruise includes airfare, and at this point I would prefer a balcony room and that upgrade was a significant amount with the last offer, so I would expect this to be also. In the end it's a good discount,
  6. I have found that I have been more aware of how much tip I've left since returning to dining after covid. Try to be more generous. But, I still have a hard time with the entire tipping concept. No one tips me if I do a superior job in my profession. To me, these people should be paid better wages to start with, or include the cost of the tip in the charges to the customer. Expecting everyone to understand that they don't receive what they should is not evenly divided. Some I know still think $1pp for dinner is an adequate tip. To me the dsc should be included in the cruise cost. Th
  7. I think you made the right choice. I have traveled with children of that age group and they really enjoyed seeing all of the different ports and exploring. Going in and out of San Juan is an adventure of its own - and these ports are all really good. To me, it's kind of like asking if you are going for the destination or the hotel. Waking up in a different port almost every day is an adventure of it's own.
  8. Could be as simple as people arriving late following the airport scare at FLL. It may have taken longer to get the passengers processed.
  9. A little off topic, but does anyone know if you book with a casino offer gty, do you get upsell offers. Had the option of paying for a higher cabin level, but thought it was pretty high and was not willing to have more money hanging out there with covid. Would love to upgrade, but have found the upsell offers closer to sailings are cheaper.
  10. What I don't understand is the number of people who seem to think that once the CDC "loses" in all of the court battles that all of the cruise lines will automatically be open to allowing anyone who wants to cruise on all ships with no restrictions what so ever. After the bad publicity early with ships and covid and being unable to sail for more than a year, why would any cruise line take chances with more bad publicity, especially with the Delta variant picking up in primarily in unvaccinated areas/people. And, there are many booked passengers who will not sail unless ships are totally, or at
  11. We nearly always booked gty, but have found in the last several years that you are more likely to receive an email offering you an upgrade for a price - in fact several with prices continuing to drop the closer the cruise got. We were booked in an oceanview for a 10 day partial Panama and got an email to upgrade to a balcony for $150pp. Jumped on it.
  12. Been a long time since I've been to either and things will surely have changed since I've been there. We took a local ferry to a beach in Grenada and it was great - could have been part of an excursion, don't remember. Didn't do anything else around the port. Enjoyed both, but I would pick Bonaire. Love both of these itineraries and would do either in a heartbeat.
  13. Here's my issue. For all of our working life we have been fiscally responsible. Doing and purchasing what we wanted when we could afford it - usually paid with cash. Have sailed mostly on inside, and outside and an occasional balcony. Now that we are both retired and have the money to sail anyway we like, I'm having a hard time letting go of the purse strings. Just an adjustment issue on my end. Have enjoyed nearly every cruise we've been on and feel no need to put the money into suites. I will do balconies more often at this point though.
  14. Living in land-locked MN, we need to fly (or drive) to any cruise port. We started out taking the air flights through the cruise lines. Then, we decided we could save dollars booking our own flights and for the most part flew in the day of the cruise. There were still a couple of situations when we booked through the cruise line - north to south Alaska comes to mind. Several years ago cruising out of Port Canaveral we had a flight delay and had a tense drive from Orlando to the port - made it with time to spare, but decided it wasn't worth the worry. We now fly in on a red-eye or a day early -
  15. A seapass is not immediately visible. If the wrist band bothers your husband, get a string or something he can wear around his neck that he can hang the wristband from.
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