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  1. We were in the Haven on the NCL Bliss for the June 9th cruise. There are no binoculars. I did not see anything special in our room that others did not have. We got shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, a shower cap, shower loofah, some bath salts, a hairdryer, cotton swabs and q-tips in a container. Then of course the coffee maker with the mini coffees. There was a mini bar, but that was not included, and we never touched it. Two pool towels. The room only had 1 outlet, so we had to ask for a power strip. No outlets in the bathroom at all, but we managed. Hairdryer was hard wired in the main part of the room by the makeup mirror. That was also were the only outlet was.
  2. This is odd as we were also on the June 9th cruise. We made our first reservations the day we got on for Sunday racing. No problem. When that was done my husband wanted to go again, so we made an addition reservation for Friday at 11am. Again no problem. Once done with that, my husband wanted to go again, so he made another reservation for 3 hours later, again no problem making that one. Seems odd that some are having issues getting reservations, when we had no problems at all.
  3. I would recommend the self walk off, with your own bags. This is what we did and we had no problem getting to the airport on time for our flight.
  4. Just got off the June 9th Bliss and here is my view on the go-karts. It was fun, the cars go fast enough to make it a fun ride. The problem is the mix of people who are doing this...we saw some people not even using the gas pedal which caused others in their group to back up. We saw numerous instances of cars bumping, hitting the wall, etc. One guy even hit the wall at the very start of the race, he did not know how to use the steering wheel!!! I was bumped several times, and it is quite jarring. NCL needs to re-think letting younger kids do this, especially ones who are not strong enough to turn the wheel. They do have a height restriction and we did see a few kids not make the cut. But others who were let on, and then could not steer (not enough arm strength) does ruin this for others. We did see a few kids quit after one or two laps. I did the race cars twice, husband did it three times, so yeah it was fun. But, I did leave it bit sore after one bad hit from behind and my head whipped back. We also saw a young boy get hit pretty hard by and older driver. He raised his arm and the race stopped, one of the crew drove his car back to pit road and he quit. The mother went off on the guy who hit her son, it was intense and security was called. NCL needs to be prepared for this to keep happening as even though they tell you no hitting, it does happen. Every race we watched, we saw cars hitting other cars.
  5. We just got back from the June 9th cruise on the Bliss. We got to the pier around 11:30am. There are numerous signs for bag drop off, we went to one and dropped off our luggage. We were Haven, so we went to the check in line, and followed the signs for Suites, Penthouses, etc. It does not say "Haven", but this was the correct line. You bypass the zig zag line. Then, they check your cruise document to make sure you are on the ship. Next is the screening of bags you are carrying on, and walking through the metal detector. Do not even attempt to bring on any bottled water. After that, the line splits, regular cabins one way, haven the other way. We got up to the Haven check in, no one in line. Got our key cards, and were asked if we were ready to go on board. We said yes, and were then escorted on the ship to the elevator bank. One was being used exclusively for the Haven. We arrived on 17 and were greeted with a big "Welcome Home", then went to the Haven lounge. A few minutes later the concierge greeted us and told us our cabins were ready. We could go check them out, and then enjoy lunch in either the Haven lounge or Margaritaville as Haven guests. All in all, it was very easy.
  6. Ship - NCL Bliss Deck - 18 - Haven Stateroom # - 18126 Stateroom Category – H6 Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – NO! This is a room in the Haven, and a very noisy room. Above is a common deck and it seemed people were running around, moving deck chairs, etc at all hours of the night. Also, with this being the last room on deck 18, the next door is the room where the cabin stewards keep the carts, so around 8am that banging started. I would recommend ear plugs or a white noise machine if you want more than 5 hours of sleep. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - no Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – View was fine, no obstructions, and size was ok. We had two chairs and a small table. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - Normal, for two people we thought this was fine. The decks on 17 in the Haven were twice as big. Was wind a problem? - no Overall, if you book Haven and choose deck 18 - be very careful of what room you pick. Those toward mid ship are much noisier than toward the front.
  7. Thank you for the pictures of the casino! Looks great, and thank you for sharing all the other pictures! I am loving this live report!
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