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  1. Ha got you... yep I'm only doing NCL if I do Haven so I can join the genpop before returning to some sanity... It's Easter we are going so will be lots of other kids.
  2. Thanks... excusing my ignorance, what's genpop?
  3. So thanks to the helpful input from people on this forum, I'd managed to decide on a 2 bed courtyard suite for my Epic cruise. However I've realised that the Courtyard pool area isn't that big and that children aren't allowed in the other suite deck areas (if I've understood correctly). A big reason for me booking this suite on this (Easter) cruise was to avoid the crowds around the main pools but presumably if the Courtyard sunbeds are all taken that will be my only option? What have the experiences of others with children been?
  4. Ah that's helpful, I was trying to work out why 17 seemed to be totally available but not one on 16!
  5. After much deliberation, (and help from this board!) decided to book a Haven 2 bedroom suite on Epic for an Eastern Caribbean cruise. But totally stuck on which one to go for... pretty much all are currently available so struggling to choose one. Or all equally good on deck 17? Also vaguely considered paying the extra ££ for the deluxe owners suite, but with a child think the 2nd bedroom is more useful for. Many thanks for any advice. Gavin
  6. Sounds amazing... you had me on gummy bears! Thanks all. We would be travelling with our daughter (7) so not too worried about noise etc though understand why it's an issue for those travelling with out kids.
  7. Apologies, as I'm sure that these questions have been much asked. Thinking of doing our first NCL cruise (on Breakaway) and looking at the Haven. Have cruised RCI a lot more, mainly in suites. How easy is it to get space by the Haven pool or on the Haven sundeck (we'd be travelling at Easter)? Are bookings necessary for the Haven restaurant or do you just turn up. Keen to understand this as the main reason for booking is to have a stress free trip compared to the scrum for sunloungers on the main sun decks... Also very happy to hear any other Haven related tips/ must knows for a newbie...
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