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  1. Double check to see if they can still deliver to the port you will be going out of. Some ports/terminals are not allowing the deliveries any more.
  2. I think you should try the Spirit. I was just on her and had a great time. Questions, ask away and I will try to answer them...
  3. Quote[When you leave your veranda door open, you effect other people's air conditioning whose cabins are on the same line as your cabin. On HAL's "S" class ships, invariably when someone wants to leave their veranda door wide open, cabins down the line are calling the office their a/c is not operating. Please think of others. Thank you.]Quote I have a couple friends that work on a couple different cruise lines and they have all said for the lines they work on, leaving your balcony door open does not effect others as others have stated. Maybe on HAL's "S" class it does but on a couple "well known" lines it doesn't know effect others.
  4. I have 2 pictures from below looking up with the lifeboats blocking the doors. These pictures were taken on the Carnival Spirit this past February. Hope these help a bit.
  5. Thinking of booking on either Valor or Triumph any cabins to stay away from on either. It would be first time on either.
  6. Is that on a 1 day cruise??? LOL Last cruise we went on we (DH and I) spent about 325.00 on a 3 day cruise...lol We figure it is our vaction and we don't have to worry about drinking and driving home so we have a good time. Must say I think the first 100 was on sail day and was comsumedmore so by me...lol We did have a friend on board that we had not seen in year so we had some drinking to catch up on...LOL
  7. I have not heard of the bar set up, so I was wondering can you order a certain type of beer and a bottle of rum to be delivered to your cabin? I didn't think they let you have bottles of liquor in your room. I have bought rum from the shop on the ship but they kept it until the last night.
  8. As far as I know, no you can't buy one.
  9. First off, why are the Spirit class ships different when comparing noise with other ships? We first tried to book online, couldn't so we had to call Carnival. We had picked a certain cabin and was asked why I picked that cabin. I said cuz it was in our price range and looked like a good area. I was told they could upgrade us to an 8I (extended balcony) cuz we were past guests and there was a special right then. So they upgraded us to an 8I just under the LIDO deck. I was happy until I found the cabin was just under the area between the bar and pool area...lol I called back a couple weeks later and asked if I could down grade to a 8G one deck lower, still with an extended balcony and they said ok and they moved us for no charge.
  10. LOL ya I was upgraded from 8A to an 8I ... looked into it and found the area they were upgrading me to was RIGHT UNDER the POOL area...lol I called back and got us changed to one deck down. Heard to many things about hearing scrapping of chairs...
  11. One thing to keep in mind is they wash down the out side of the ship in the very early morning hours...lol We had booked a Royal Family Suite with a large balcony with two doors to the balcony.We would leave the sliding door from our bedroom open at night. I woke up very early one morning to water droplets spraying in to our bed. I got up and looked out to see 2 workers on a rig hanging on the side of the ship spraying the ship down. Word of caution, you might want to take a rain coat...LOL
  12. You will be right under the POOL deck... pretty much just under the Camelot/spa pool area. I was booked on the Spirit same deck and was worried about noise from pool deck and was told by most that have stayed on deck 8 they could hear scrapping of chairs in the early morning hours.Some did say they didn't really hear anything or just take ear plugs. I did some investigating and talked to Carnival and was told "Well, yes some do complain about the scrapping of chairs in the very early morning hours but it only last a short time". So I was able go one deck lower so no chair scrapping worries any more... hope this helps.
  13. Balcony's are great in my opinion. I would go on Carnivals' site as if you were going to book online, that way you could see which cabins are still available that would accommodate the 4 of you. With the balcony guarantee you could get a balcony with an obstructed view.You could call Carnival and book the one you want and know where your going to be when you book. I would not book on a deck that does not have cabins above and below due to possible noise factor or crowds. Hope this helps a bit. If they offer you an upgrade check to see what is above and below the cabin before you take it... I took an upgrade then later found it was right under the pool deck... didn't want to hear the scrapping of chairs in the early morning hours every day...lol do I had to change to one deck lower.
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