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  1. I saw the free fall, which is the Little Dunns River fall. The water falls from Dunns River to here and out to sea. It is a small walk up the gushing water on the river, but its enough for me.
  2. I walk from the port to this fall, but I didnt go in. It is walk able on the side road for the most part. The locals walk along here too. But be ready for the emission fumes from the cars. Its really bad.
  3. Taxi are regulated at the port. Its gonna be expensive. You mean going to the town? Heres the info: https://www.ambercove.com/port-information/taxi-information.aspx
  4. I love to exercise and walk but from the Cove to the downtown Fort is about 7.5 miles one way. Thats alot of walking. You might want to read this also below. All in all, its better to stay in port. https://todayschallenges.com/things-not-to-do-in-puerto-plata-dominican-republic/
  5. I have walk to the melecon and back. You will see others walking too.
  6. Is there any place to rent a bicycle just outside the port?
  7. I found this: https://www.scribblemaps.com/maps/view/Nassau_Jitney_55A1121A/xSr8miEl6n
  8. chong67

    Nassua Bus

    There are more information on this thread about all the buses ....
  9. Where are Costa cruise ship dock in Cozumel? I will be there Feb 19 on Costa Deliziosa. Two different site list different ports. https://www.puertamaya.com/Port-Schedule.aspx http://www.cruiseportinsider.com/cozumelschedule2019.html#feb
  10. I saw on Google map there are beaches towards the west and walking distance. Just zoom and click to see some of the photos. I am going to be there Feb 14 and its my first time to D.R.
  11. chong67

    Nassua Bus

    Is #10 bus the only bus? Where does it go to?
  12. Have anyone park at this lot near Fort Everglades: Gold Coast Car Rental and Cruise and Fly Parking
  13. Why does it cost so much to take a taxi from Amber Cove to Puerto Plata ? $35? Walk to center of town is 7.5 miles, but I can walk 3.5 miles to the outskirt of town. Is it OK to walk on the highway? Never been there yet. Thanks.
  14. chong67

    Safety in Cozumel

    Safest place I seen in all the Caribbeans I been to so far. I did my 39 miles bicycle ride and saw police writing tickets to those that drive on bicycle land.
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