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  1. Yes I know about it. Even watch the evening news video about the break in. I recommend PCP and will park there. :-)
  2. I just got back from my MSC cruise, Dec 7-14. I park at Premier Cruise Parking. I LOVE IT! They took a group of us to port at 9:30 AM. On my return trip, I wait like 20 mins and they came. I get to keep my car key! and its on the 7th deck garage shaded! This is my 2nd time. I will do them again for sure! I go during the non-peak season.
  3. Go to Little Dunn's River beach and you can see the smaller version of Dunn's River fall and it is FREE. It is a walking distance from the port.
  4. Yes, it is possible to walk to Dunn's River falls. I say 80% of it there is sidewalks, until you get to near the end. Secret : Little Dunn's River beach is FREE>. It is just like Dunn's River fall where it has gone downstream. Smaller version of it. I walk 8.93 miles that day and here is my proof : https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/3229566721
  5. I book my cruise on MSC last week. I check MSC website prices vs others and the outside website is $120 cheaper. So of course I didn't book on MSC website. I wonder why that is.
  6. Yes, I have walk the whole length of 7th mile beach and want to try new areas.
  7. I am thinking of taking a public transport to Rum Point Beach, and walk east towards Old Man bay and take a bus back to port. It is about 6 miles walk one way. I have been to 7th mile beach and walk the whole length, which is about 5 miles back to port. I want to try something new. Any ideas?
  8. We took a bus across from the library and rode all the way the end of 7th mile beach and walk all the way back down to the port. Its only 5 miles one way. In between I walk into some of the resort and take photos. Some of them they dont allow you in. I love it.
  9. I Google it. Its a mix bag of review. I am confused. Its a 50/50. Thats a hard decision to make parking at Premier Cruise Parking.
  10. Anyone had any experience parking at Premier Cruise Parking in Miami?
  11. I am looking to book Dec 7 on Seaside and go to OC. Will I get any discount or OBC?
  12. I saw the free fall, which is the Little Dunns River fall. The water falls from Dunns River to here and out to sea. It is a small walk up the gushing water on the river, but its enough for me.
  13. I walk from the port to this fall, but I didnt go in. It is walk able on the side road for the most part. The locals walk along here too. But be ready for the emission fumes from the cars. Its really bad.
  14. Taxi are regulated at the port. Its gonna be expensive. You mean going to the town? Heres the info: https://www.ambercove.com/port-information/taxi-information.aspx
  15. I love to exercise and walk but from the Cove to the downtown Fort is about 7.5 miles one way. Thats alot of walking. You might want to read this also below. All in all, its better to stay in port. https://todayschallenges.com/things-not-to-do-in-puerto-plata-dominican-republic/
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