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  1. Took your advice and called Celebrity - apparently they are behind in sending confirmations - it's apparently done, but processing or whatever 🙂
  2. I called last week to L&S our Transatlantic cruise on the Apex - "shifting" from October 22, 2020 to October 21, 2021. I was told that I should receive a new booking confirmation within 72 hours. It's now been a full 8 days I still have not received any information. When I log into my X account, it's still showing the 2020 sailing under my reservations.
  3. You're welcome - but my experience on Reflection was just a few days ago... not last month 🙂
  4. I actually started the thread back in August - and agree, the answers were not very helpful. Unfortunately, the conversation turned to a debate regarding the popularity of hard seltzers vs. craft beer. None the less, I've done two cruises since the original post (just disembarked the Reflection on Friday 1/10) and neither cruise offered White Claw, Truly, etc.
  5. Thanks for the review and the pics! One quick tip regarding the app/express pass for boarding - you can always take a screenshot! That way you won't have to worry with connecting to wifi or a weak cell signal.
  6. Hmmm... interesting that you see the removal of trays as a result of cost cutting measures... I see it more from an efficiency standpoint. 1) trays require both hands, therefore, one would need a place to set down the tray in order to place more food items on their plate. 2) If a place is needed to set down the tray, the stations would require those tray rails. 3) if tray rails are present, fewer people can access the various food options. Additionally, the size of the plates are quite large... plenty big for one to fill up! I don't visit buffets in the "real world" often... but wh
  7. Hmm... I can't imagine why they would do that... seems to make more financial sense to keep all available cabins in the booking pool and aim for full price vs. holding them back to be sold at a highly discounted rate.
  8. I've booked guarantee cabins that were assigned almost immediately. You get what you get with a guarantee category. If you are actually willing to pay more - simply pay the difference to move up from a 2D to a 2C. I understand that you are disappointed with this guarantee assignment - but even you said you've rolled the dice and gotten better rooms in the past. It's a gamble! You can't be mad at Celebrity.
  9. Such a loss for the Celebrity Cruise Critic community. Though we never met, I followed every post of her "Living on the Edge" live report, parts I & II. Her comments were always laced with cheerful overtones... you could truly sense her happiness, joy, and genuine zest for life and love of cruising. My sincerest condolences for your family.
  10. Wholeheartedly agree with you re: Aqua being "worth it". We've sailed AQ a number of times, but only if the price was within say, $100 of a standard balcony. Usually, upon upgrading after final payment due to a price drop. I've been consistantly pleased with the food & service in the main dining room and find the only real benefit of Blu is the more intimate atmosphere and the breakfast. I love breakfast in Blu, even more so than the breakfast in Luminae. Thanks again for the review!
  11. I've never seen the option to upgrade via the cruise planner. But yes, you can easily upgrade on board. When we sailed the summit Oct. 20, they were offering two bottles of wine per person to upgrade from classic to premium.
  12. If you are hitting the buffet later in the day... after the posted "lunch" hours - the options are more limited. The cooked to order fish station - or "grill" station I think it is called - is all the way in the back as you head out to the sunset bar. That's where we found the mussels, clams, shrimp & lobster rolls. There is a stir fry station on the aft starboard side and some additional salad offerings on the port aft side. The taco station is almost as you come into the buffet - one of the first stations on the port side. Not that it is there everyday, but I definitely saw it more than
  13. Enjoying the report! We were on the Summit for the Oct. 20 repositioning and I thought the oveanview offerings were some of the best we're experienced out of the 6 times we've sailed the Summit! There was always a rotating seafood feature, mussels, clams, lobster rolls, shrimp - various types of seafood cooked to order, Indian offerings, Mexican options, "meat & three", sandwich stations, cheeses, stir fry bar, the salad bar toppings change almost daily, pastas cooked to order, fruit galore! Buuut... I guess if none of those items appeal... then one may find it limited. Not sure what else
  14. Heading over there now 🙂 Looking forward to taking Apex across the Atlantic for her first time :)!
  15. I find it interesting that I can get more accurate pricing for cruises on celebrity through EVERY big box travel agent website that I research, but can't get accurate pricing from the X website or even Celebrity agents on the phone. In fact, the cruise in question that we booked - STILL does not show the 4-perk option online. Just the 2 perks plus an additional fee for the classic beverage package.
  16. After speaking to the representative last night, I was told that he needed to have the supervisor handle the removal of erroneous charge and I would receive a new correct confirmation today. So far, I've not received anything and my online X account still shows the higher price. We are traveling with friends who also received a 2nd higher invoice than what was agreed. They called X this morning as well and the rep told them that it could not be removed until final payment.
  17. GeorgiaPeach51, Very much enjoying your review! Thank you! We just booked the Apex 10/22/20 crossing yesterday, so I'm caught up in the excitement of planning and researching all things Edge class and this is the perfect live review to keep me entertained :). We did not book an IV balcony, but instead just the little porthole balcony, of which - I think there are only a few. The #1 reason was that the "porthole" balcony was $1000 + less expensive than an obstructed IV on deck 6. If the price drops, we may consider. If you happen to score a peek into one of these style cabins - let me know! 🙂
  18. Same - and we did so in this instance as well, but after hanging up the phone, I received the new invoice with the higher price. This has never happened to me before so felt compelled to call and confirm it was a typical X - IT "oopsie". Of course, that resulted in 50 minutes of my life I'll never get back..........
  19. I have tried and spent time on the phone with celebrity regarding the very same issue. Unless something has changed recently, there is no way to do it. Not even over the phone. I suggest just booking separately and then once on board, check with the Maitre D'. We just did this recently on the Summit with a party of 9 and 4 different reservation numbers.
  20. Called X today to book the Apex transatlantic cruise, October 22, 2020. Super psyched about the ship and itinerary and with the 4 perk sale bonus... a no brainer! The rep outlined the total price and asked me to review the invoice that was emailed to me to confirm all was copacetic. We reviewed the confirmation together over the phone and I assumed all was good to go. Hung up the phone, and 5 minutes later, I received a 2nd invoice that was $406 more than what I had paid a $900 non refundable deposit for. Trying to contact X now.... So far, I've been on hold for 26 minutes waiting to spea
  21. Anyone with a cruise which is past final payment, had any success with upgrading to a slightly more expensive cabin and adding the four perks?
  22. Looking at 2020 Transatlantic on Apex. The screenshot below shows that this particular sailing is part of the 4 perks promo, but when you opt though to the end... it never shows up.
  23. Ah gotcha! So far, for all the desired itineraries I've researched, I'm not getting the 4 perks options, even though the little gold hexagon box on the literary listed says "4 perks included".
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