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  1. Looking at the Breeze out of Port Canaveral for March 2021 and there are only two cruises showing for that month (at every other week). I checked other months and bookings are only available every other week on both the Breeze and Horizon from Feb to April. Anyone know why? Is this a bad sign that they will likely change things up and not sail the listed itineraries? Perhaps being flexible to add in 3-4 short cruises in between if all goes well? All indications that I have read indicate that the Breeze and Horizon will be the first Carnival ships to go live.
  2. Perhaps to encourage families/friends to get two separate cabins.
  3. I am Gold and received the email with RU2. My husband is Gold and received RU1, while my mom is Red and received RU1 also. Not sure of the logic. I logged into my account and this was located in my offers:
  4. I love these cabins! There is no noise issue from the Lobby, but you may hear rolling carts from above in the Lounge entryway. The cabins are bigger than the interior and have a couch and coffee table. This extra room and the window are a huge perk over the standard interior. I also enjoy sitting on a lounger directly outside my cabin window. It's a short walk to the Deck 3 door, and there is almost never anyone that far up on the deck up by these cabins. My family has sailed both the Sensation and Sunrise, and most definitely the Sunrise is an upgrade! We sailed a 10-day Jou
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