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  1. Just booked yesterday. Mardi Gras October 2021! We do have a Mississippi river cruise booked for October 2020. That is going to be so different!
  2. I was hoping to hear this. My purse isn't even big enough to hold the bottled water. I will take it and if they tell me it has to be checked I will be first with that. Thank you for the first hand info.
  3. The clear purse would be perfect if allowed, just big enough to hold sunglasses, camera, ID and cash and credit card. And cross body for hands free!
  4. My friend recently booked a tour through the concierge desk at our hotel and she was told that clear plastic purses (like the stadium approved) Are allowed. Does anyone have any personal experience?
  5. 100% agree with this! I cannot understand the need for standing in line for dinner. Even with set dining it is amazing how many people are in line at 15 minutes before the doors open. We try to time our arrival at just after the doors open and guess what: our table is always there!!
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