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  1. No, not that I recall. When she told me the price I told her I was surprised because I had seen in the brochure sent to me that it was lower than that. She didn't say anything and I said , can you wait a moment while I find it, but I couldn't find the correct date while I was on the phone. She told me that I could pay the deposit on the phone or pay it by Tuesday. I said I would wait until Tuesday. And she asked the usual, what cabin I would like, what seating and was there anything else I would like. I told her we would probably want a transfer to London, but could we do that later and she said we could. She said final payment was due June 6. I asked if the fare was lowered would I be able to get the lowered fare and she said yes up until the final payment. But I don't believe that anything else was discussed.
  2. WEll, I have booked the cruises but have until tomorrow to pay the deposit. I booked directly through Cunard by phone. So as far as I know I haven't agreed to anything yet. So when will I see the non-cancellation stuff?
  3. Well, unless you consider booking early a promotion, I don't think that if I accepted a lower price that I would be combining promotions. I have booked full price as far as I can see.
  4. But the part that really gets me about that is that it is for "new bookings only", the exact thing I was told when I asked (as I always do) if the fare is discounted will I get that discount. And I was told that I would unless it says "for new bookings only". I would need to cancel to get the discount in that case, I was told. I feel that instead of being rewarded for booking early, we are penalized for doing so. I suppose if I did cancel to receive a discount, I would lose my deposit--or would I? Anyone know?
  5. Last week I received a Cunard brochure and in it was an offer of a balcony for the price of an inside cabin. There was a list of dates and under it they showed the prices that had been crossed out and the new price next to it. So seeing I was planning to travel to and from England on QM2 on two of those dates, i booked yesterday. When I heard that the price was $300 higher per person, I was surprised and told the Cunard representative about the price I thought it should be. She offered nothing to what I had told her and she just said that what she had given me was the correct price. Today my husband called back with brochure in hand and told them that we thought they had charged too much. It took a while, but finally the girl found the brochure and the correct page and finally the small print that said the price only pertained to the bold printed dates. My question is, why would they bother to list a number of other dates with those discounted bold ones other than to deceive perspective customers? I have been on a number of Cunard cruises and have always been a loyal customer, always taking Cunard's side when others complained. I just wonder if things are that bad that they must stoop to these kind of deceptive practices to entice past passengers to cruise with them. I am almost ready to cancel. Or maybe it was my mistake and I should have been aware that the lowered price was meant for only the bold print.
  6. Yes, but it was gluten free.:)
  7. How about no fat clotted cream .
  8. Yeah, and I really don't like the taste of gluten so that would be a very good move.:)
  9. As suggested, you can get to and from your workout areas without causing a problem. However, you might consider the tux, you certainly would be the best dressed in the gym and you may start a new trend! :D
  10. On my first QM2 sailing, a well informed Cunard cruiser mentioned that the cream was not clotted cream, but you could get it if you asked. And she asked for it and we received the real stuff at our table. So you might ask for clotted cream and plain scones. You may be surprised at the outcome.:)
  11. Yes, I agree with David. Our table mates whose dog was in the kennel were coming back to the states from England after living there for 10 years so they felt they had little choice. Another thing on that crossing, the kennels on the ship were full and reservations must be made well in advance.
  12. Yes, far more civil, quieter and never crowded feeling. The times I have sailed on Cunard I have never seen anyone even remotely drunk or noisy because of drinking too much, something I can not say about some other lines. The service is excellent and never in your face, just quiet service. I think you will enjoy it. Gail:)
  13. You sound just like me, but I didn't take my dog. We did the same trip last year but we stayed longer in England. We left Jean Luc, our standard poodle home with a dog sitter. He is very attached as well. You never know about the sitter though. The one we hired seemed to always be at home when we called, but you don't know for sure. One year we hired one and she just came in and dumped a bunch of food now and then and left. She worked at a vet's office, so you never know. Anyway, we sat for dinner with a couple who had their dog and they visited the dog four times a day. I imagine it is a bit stressful though depending on the dog. Their dog seemed happy enough though. One other thing, I don't fly either. :)
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