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  1. Travel and Leisure Worlds best reader awards reviews also rated both Crystal and Viking higher than Seaborne; so the top two travel publications readers reviews have shown Seaborne ratings decline over the past few years. The same readers who had rated Seaborne number one a few years ago; now rate it 8th place behind seven cruise lines they have found offer a better experience. It is a surprise that the ratings have changed so quickly. (the 8th place rating is in the category that they had placed first in some years ago). While many of the Seaborne cheerleaders on crui
  2. Readers of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine (Nov 2019 page 88) were more impressed with their cruise on many other lines with Seaborne in 8th place (Crystal won) for ships up to 500 passengers. Those who have been on many lines, do you agree??? For larger ships (from 500 to 2500 passengers) Seaborne scored better with 3rd place; behind both Crystal and Viking Is the service better on the larger Seaborne ships? Those who have been on Crystal and other lines how do you think Seaborne compares and has there been a change in service?
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