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  1. You will also have some information on accessibility etc. in the area that is for "Disabled" on this site.
  2. I can relate to the "Senior thing" for posting pictures on Cruise critic. I had the same problem. What I did for someone was I posted my e-mail address and they sent me an e-mail and I sent them the picture of the cabin. (The person wanting the picture could also post their e-mail and you could send it to them if you prefer that method). As a safety measure if you do decide to post your e-mail make sure to put it so that it can't be used badly i.e., put "dot com" -- I hope this makes sense.
  3. I have been on tenders with my Travelscoot that is under 40 lbs with the battery attached. If the sea is rough they probably won't allow scooters - too dangerous. Mine does fold down but I didn't need to fold it to take it on the tender. My husband was able to help as well.
  4. I have some photos of our room (4167) and the balcony. I don't know how to copy them here but I could send them to you as an attachment on an e-mail. If you e-mail me your e-mail address I will send them to you. My e-mail is wendybob8 at gmail dot com.
  5. It was identical to 4096. We loved it and saved money over the regular balcony cabin we had booked originally. It cost less because it was partial obstructed but we could still see the water etc. There was plenty of room for my scooter and the entry door was automatic .
  6. We also had a nice accessible cabin on the Koningsdam and it looked just like (4096) and it also had an obstructed view but it was still a good view. You might ask the accessible department if they would switch the two chairs for a sofa. They might be able to do it for you.
  7. Thanks for these lists. Appreciate it.
  8. There are are a few specialty restaurants so I think Pinnacle Grill would be one of the choices. There are about 4 on some ships.
  9. Does anyone know the prices for the wines by the glass (and cocktails as well). We will have the Beverage package and wonder about the wine choices by the glass that I think are covered up to $11.00. Any information appreciated.
  10. In the past when they offered the "free beverage package" there were gratuities that passengers had to pay so it wasn't really free. It now seems that HAL are not charging the gratuities on the beverage package on this new V & V promotion. This is what we were told by the HAL person. Correct?
  11. We had an obstructed "accessible" cabin on the Koningsdam last October and loved it. We could see out to the ocean and down on the promenade deck. Our cabin # was 4167. A great cabin and we had booked it again for this year but just cancelled because of Covid etc.
  12. Hope you get lucky and get your refund soon. I was very surprised and hope you are too.
  13. I called last week on Monday to cancel a November 2020 cruise and the $780 deposit was refunded to my credit card three days later. Great service and no hassle.
  14. I am happy to report that I got the refund credit to my credit card in 3 days. I called HAL on August 3rd to cancel and the credit was issued to my credit card on August 6th. I am extremely happy with the time it took after reading so many other issues.
  15. We are booked on the same cruise in November 2020 on the Koningsdam but we doubt that the cruise will go ahead because of Covid-19. We have not received any notification but our final payment is due in August and we hope to know something before then.
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