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  1. Lucky you. I had a terrible experience on the phone but once I got on the ship I had a satisfactory outcome. The answer was a definite no on the phone but once I got on the ship the Guest Relations people were great. I got the Fantasia drink coupons that I wanted. The phone agent told me what I read on cruise critic was lies and then he promptly hung up on me when I asked to speak to a Supervisor.
  2. There are no accessible cabins available for a cruise we want to take in October so we have a hold on a balcony cabin (6066) but it's probably not big enough for my scooter to fit in the cabin. I don't care to have it in bed with me. It needs to be charged at night. I am hoping an accessible cabin comes up before the cruise but if it doesn't I wonder if I would have more room in a higher category e.g., a vista suite? My TA told me the cabin is only 182 square feet but some web sites show it as 220 sq. ft. It is a VD category. Final payment is due August 4th and we are hoping that an accessible balcony cabin will become available. If it doesn't I wonder if we should pay extra to have a bigger cabin and room for my scooter. I am worried the cabin steward won't take the scooter overnight to charge it and bring it to me in the morning. Anyone have that experience?
  3. A few ships are like that. It is really handy to have a mirror on a scooter so you can see if there are any hazards behind you when backing out of an elevator or anywhere else for that matter. I have had a few ships with stairs near the elevator and you have to be aware of what's behind you.
  4. I have spent about five years in Puerto Vallarta over the past 20 years and everything that Hank told you is true. Can you imagine if someone tried paying for items in the U.S. with pesos. Or a Canadian trying to pay with our money in Mexico. The currency in Mexico is the peso.
  5. I spend winters in Puerto Vallarta and have a Travelscoot. I have never arrived by ship so I don't know about the port and getting off the ship. I do know that I have some problems with the lack of cut-outs and the cobblestones are very bumpy with my scooter. If you can get a van at the port they could drive you to the Malecon. That is a pedestrian only street right beside the ocean with all kinds of stores and restaurants for miles. There is even a lane for bikes that you could use but it's very wide street so lots of room for everyone. There are plenty of areas to sit and watch the world go by and numerous statues and lovely ocean views.
  6. I hope it all works out for you and your parents to go on the cruise. It does sound promising because of the credit card coverage? Keep checking - you are sure to discover the possibilities. Nice to hear of a daughter wanting to please her elderly parents (I am one of the latter).
  7. I have taken my Travelscoot on about 10 cruises and find the staff on the ship very helpful when getting on and off the ship on the ramps etc. No problems at all. This includes HAL, NCL, MSC etc.
  8. I have a Travelscoot and bring it on all kinds of cruises and land trips. It is not that heavy or big and I can even lift it into a car if I have to. The seat does come off and also the back rest and battery to make it easier to lift. If you can rent something that's not too big or heavy then you would have an easier time to put it in a van or shuttle bus and to keep in the cabin. It is necessary to have a cabin big enough to keep the scooter and usually you need to have an accessible cabin. As others have stated they book quickly and up to a year or more ahead of time. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to post them. We are more than happy to help.
  9. Hope it works out for all the future cruises. We were worried too when we heard what Trump was proposing but we got there with no problems last week. Hope you do too.
  10. I went to Guest Relations on the Armonia ship (April 30th) and showed them my e-mail that confirmed I had the Fantastica with the drink vouchers and they handed me two booklets with 12 vouchers each. We used them for glasses of wine in the dining room and for double cappuccino in the café. We were very happy with the ship and the staff. The food was much better than what we had on the MSC Poesia a couple of years ago.
  11. I just got off the Armonia on Monday, May 6th after spending May 4th and May 5th in Havana. No problems at all. And, as a little bonus the visa only costs Canadians $50.00 (instead of 75). The HOHO bus stops right outside the cruise terminal and only costs $10 CUC. Quite a bargain to see all of Havana for the day. We had a cover on the top level so it was not too hot.
  12. With my Travelscoot I use my right hand to control the speed (the right handlebar) and use my left hand to hold the handle of my spinner suitcase. It works very well doing this - especially on floors without carpet I can really move along. Carpet makes it a little bit slower.
  13. Thank you - yes, that's the same thing I have and I will bring it with me as proof. I am more optimistic now that I see that you got the vouchers. I will definitely ask for them.
  14. What was the ticket they wanted to see? (I am on the Armonia on Monday and hoping to get the vouchers for the drinks.) I have an e-mail from 2 weeks ago stating I would have the vouchers and I am hoping that will be good enough to get the vouchers.
  15. We have cancellation insurance but I am quite sure they won't cover us if we want to cancel if Havana is removed from the cruise schedule. We will go on the cruise and enjoy the trip = sometimes these things turn out better than expected. As Canadians we can visit Havana some other way in the near future if we don't get there on this cruise.
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