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  1. huntingdon

    Are the "Ice Shows" really that good?

    [quote name='plasticpen80']We'll be on the MOS 3/1-3/8 and what to know if the "Ice Skating " shows are something not to miss. We're a 45+(age) couple and what to know if this is worth an evening?? Thanks[/quote] i didn't think so:(
  2. huntingdon

    Lobster or Not?

    [quote name='Pfisterville']OK, I hate to ask, but I heard a rumor. Please tell me it isn't true! I heard that they are not serving lobster anymore. I haven't cruised since 11/07, so it's been a while. Didn't see any other threads about this subject. Again, please tell me it isn't true. I'm 16 days away from boarding the AOS in San Juan. I've been telling my family all about the LOBSTER! Thanks in advance!:o[/quote] i was on the navigator a couple of weeks ago, on a 5 nighter......yes, LOBSTER was served, with shrimp. it was delicious!:D
  3. huntingdon

    curious about Transatlantic 11/9/2009

    i was also worried about the sea days......but it turned out-they were the best part of the cruise! the NOS is gorgious, and keeps you so very occupied with lots of activities on those sea days, you won't even want to port. of course, i exaggerate a bit......but really enjoyed that cruise. congrats on your upcoming nuptuals, and definitely spring for the suite, as you will enjoy the size and amenities.:D
  4. huntingdon

    What do you pack?????

    you're funny! i get a kick on all of the recommended items, usually posted here. congratulations on your upcoming anniversary cruise-----and don't forget your fabric softener;)
  5. i love the way you think!!!!;) it gave me a giggle.......and a way better schpeel than the commercial on tv......
  6. huntingdon

    Uh..packing for first cruise..

    also, consider the size of your cabin, and its closet space and/or under the bed space. first cruise.....it's easy to over-pack! i know, cuz i went on my first earlier this year. packed way too much! i didn't wear half of what i brought:o......but, if you have the space-go for it! you'll have an absolute blast! cruising is even better than i had imagined it to be! happy sailing!
  7. huntingdon

    Navigator of the Seas 12/1/08 Review

    thanks for the review! i'm taking the exact same cruise next week, and am glad to hear that everything was okay, if not good. i'm also pleased to hear about lobster night, and the prime rib! hope the weather was good in the caribbean. were there lots of kids? curious, as to time of year. thanks, angel:cool:
  8. [FONT=Century Gothic]on our first cruise, we had real paper docs that came with luggage tags. this cruise, we were given e-docs........so question is - at the pier, who do you look to to get tags? when i looked at rccl's website, it simply says you will recieve them at pier. this is only our 2nd cruise, and not really sure who to look for. thanks for any help.......[/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic]angel[/FONT]
  9. huntingdon

    Junior suite credits??

    [quote name='kyriecat']If I remember this correctly, your first cruise only counts a 1 credit whether you are in a suite, on a 12+ day, etc. You don't start earning the multiple credits until your first cruise AFTER you join C&A. I might be wrong so calling C&A to verify the cruise credit status is highly recommended.[/quote] we did recieve 3 credits per person for our first cruise, was 14 nights, plus a suite. i love it, it gives you incentive to cruise again to gain points for great offers! we've already booked 2 more......so it worked;)
  10. kieron is an incredibly funny, and musically talanted cruise director! we enjoyed him as much as, if not more than the talent on board. if you can, don't miss him playing guitar and singing in the schooner bar! he's quite easy on the eye too......ladies. happy sailing!:D angel
  11. huntingdon

    over-rated travel agents

    thank you for your kind responses. the only problem with cancelling the nov 09' cruise and re-booking, is the $1350 i've already paid as a down payment. i would hate to lose that! i e-mailed the supervisor, maybe monday will bring better news. i am hating that i can't print my set-sail pass.....it makes it seem so real:D the cruiser that turned me on to the TA will return from his back to back on monday, maybe he can help me get it resolved. again, thanks for all of your knowledge! angel
  12. [FONT=Century Gothic]just need to vent about it. we transferred 2 cruises to a TA upon the advice of a friend and fellow cruiser. since then, i have had zero contact! the price has dropped on my upcoming cruise, and i cannot reach her to handle it. i tried to check-in online, and even though everything is showing as completed, it won't let me print a set-sail pass. the cruise has been paid for, for months. i try to e-mail, leave voice-mails, etc. but noone will return my calls! [/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic]is it possible to transfer my cruises back to rccl, so that i can control them? i have another cruise in november of 2009 that i am worried about now, as this coming cruise in december is a quick 5 nighter, but the other is a 12 nighter, and i need to know that it is a safe reservation! i recieved no perks, or comps for transferring these cruises, but i am sure the TA recieved some.[/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic]any advice would be helpful. i am embarrassed about transferring in the first place, so please-no scolding!;) [/FONT] [FONT=Century Gothic]thanks, angel[/FONT]
  13. huntingdon

    ALL THINGS RCCL C&A Diamond/Diamond+

    [quote name='corkey'][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Isn't it great that we have earned our Diamond/Diamond + status!!? love all the perks that comes with it... let's share our experiences and plans for more RCCL cruising - Corkey Carol[/FONT][/quote] congradulations corkey!!!! that is awesome. i will be platinum on my next cruise......and one day hope to be diamond as well!:D it was a badge well earned for yourself.....don't let the ney-sayers get you down, raise a glass and toast to you! cheers, and happy sailings. angel:cool:
  14. huntingdon

    How is State Room 8318 on Navigator??

    i wasn't in that particular cabin, but was right next to the elevator on deck 10. i also was concerned about noise, but was pleasantly surprised! no disturbances, and....it is very convenient to be located by elevator and stairwells. enjoy, don't worry!!!! happy sailing:D
  15. thanks, tranquil! it will be my first JS, so........maybe i should enjoy it, and upgrade next time!;) :D angel