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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/gary-bath-planters-new-car-peanuts-good-samaritan-1.5902694#:~:text=Canada-,Good Samaritan given new car after driving stranded family to,supply of road trip snacks. This is the real story of Canadian US relations and worth a read. Yes we have disputes, historical and current and as any good friends and neighbours will probably always have. But this story of a Canadian Good Samaritan driving a stranded American family to Alaska and then as is so typical of our neighbours Planters Peanuts gives him a car.
  2. Our family too shares names. I cannot remember colours for cards but a few times the child was charged the adult rate on excursions. Just be sure to check charges. Errors were quickly corrected but it was a nuisance lining up with passports to prove the error. Ruth
  3. My screen needs COVID revision I guess, as we're no longer planning any cruises. We've always been long range planners, booking best cabin within our price range once an interesting itinerary is released. This also allows us to plan extended pre cruise visits to interesting places. Our first post COVID cruise will be a very last minute booking in whatever decent cabin is still available. From three cancelled cruises with HAL we chose not to take generous FCC and at this point HAL just owes us $50. Ruth
  4. What is a queue? Five who have taken a vow of silence, following a leader.
  5. Th is Moose Knuckles brand is supposedly the same as the Canada Goose ones, but the hood is detachable which is an option I prefer. Since we had THREE cruises cancelled I .easily justified the expense. Stay warm until we can cruise again, Ruth
  6. We're now live in a condo so mine won't be near a shovel. And with car seat heaters, the longer length is a luxury. But we northerners in both Canada and USA need to be comfortable when we 'cruise' thru' snow drifts. Ruth
  7. You're more optimistic than I. We've wiped 2021 off our cruising plans and will only book winter 2022 when we have a clearer picture of any risks we're willing to take. We've been promised a mild autumn and are sure hoping such a long range forecast is correct. That's quite the seasonal range of your recent purchases. You'll be 'covered' for all eventualities. Ruth
  8. This will be our first winter in a couple of decades since we haven't enjoyed a 5-6 week escape, most recently on longer cruises. As compensation I treated myself to a genuine, made in Canada, Canadian down filled Parka with the most unfashionable name Moose Knuckles. What it lacks in style it more than makes up for in warmth. I chose fire engine red rather than more sophisticated black. I haven't owned a coat like this since days of yard duties in frigid temperatures. The clerk commented that I wasn't the first person preparing for an uninterrupted st
  9. I completely agree. Politics seems to creep into too many CC threads. Ruth
  10. Princess Pete, We sailed on the Emerald this February in a standard balcony and requested and rec'd a barrel chair - much the worse for wear, but it was another seat. Our cabin steward was less than stellar and wasn't at all pleased about the request. Our second sitting was at 7:30 PM, though it was listed as 7:15 when we selected it on line, and we went to the early productions and had plenty of time to stroll slowly to the dining room. As I recall the productions were only about 45 minutes in total, but quite good. Ruth
  11. Just this week we rec'd refund for all shore excursions for the August '21 Rotterdam cruise. Each one was refunded individually for a total of $1 400. We opted for a full refund of deposits but they were only $50 for each of us. We doubted we would sail before any FCC expired. Ruth
  12. I agree their restart was a hasty one, but I fault their lack of transparency when crew were first identified as being sick as being the greater 'sin.'
  13. cbr663, I agree completely, much is at stake for any cruise line, but more is at stake when it comes to our health. We have no plans to rebook three cancelled cruises in either the short or long term. Ruth
  14. Or more accurately stayed 'apart' to combat COVID. Why the other day I imagined cars 'socially distancing' as they neared a stop -- rather like any good Canadian during the winter. Ruth
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