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  1. Cunard and P&O are starting round Britain cruises this summer ( BTW the UK is ahead of the US in per capita vaccinations). Perhaps Regent could do the same. Unfortunately I don’t think we will allow non nationals into the country anytime soon without quarantine so it would be restricted to British only and there may be not enough take up. As Italy and France are locking down again and with the vaccination fiasco in the EU it also looks like we won’t be able to travel abroad this year for holidays so we are looking at our 5th cancelled cruise. We would consider a UK cruise if it was
  2. Flossie, thank you for reply. I had completely forgotten about this. I emailed Graham Sadler and the deposit has been credited for something in the future. Thanks again. John
  3. Through my TA we contacted Regent yesterday to cancel the April 6th Tokyo to Tokyo cruise. Regent UK were adamant ( according to the TA ) that it was going ahead. They would not allow a final payment delay to 60 days and to add insult to injury I received a mailer the same day advertising the very same cruise. Also, unlike our previously 3 cancelled cruises they would not allow the deposit to be credited for a future cruise unless I booked one there and then. We have already two booked later next year / early 2022 and another credited deposit that has to be used before end 2021.
  4. We are booked on April 6th Explorer. I can’t see any way this is going to sail but Regent still want final payment by January 6th. They must have plans to restart so it would be in everyone’s interest to share them even if they are subject to change in the light of developments especially with vaccines. Countries like Japan (especially Japan with the Olympics in the summer) will be ultra careful about easing restrictions too soon and realistically it will be early summer before the majority of people will be vaccinated ( twice with a 28 day gap and then a period before immunity is complete.)
  5. I have just checked my account and final payment for our April cruise is still showing 90 days. Currently we wouldn’t wish to have to pay this before New Year as it is unlikely that Regent will be honest about their sailing intentions by then. Is there a different rule for the UK?
  6. Guerncruising, thanks again for your suggestion, I will follow that through with Regent. I like yourself would like Regent to explain why their policy on when to use fcc by is different here to the US. It’s not our fault we cannot travel there whether the cruise goes or not and this obviously is unlikely to change.
  7. Guerncruising, thank you for your clarification, my TA did relate the correct information. However I hope that Regent will show some flexibility under the circumstances when, and if, I choose to book another cruise in the future. We like many will not be cruising if we have to wear face masks or are prohibited from going ashore alone. Perhaps we should pay £45 to have the vaccination in China as announced on the BBC today! I think not!
  8. Thanks to all for advice on deposits. To answer Flossies points, my TA was on the phone to Regent and related their comments correctly or not I don’t know but now suspect that they were incorrect. ( My previous posts noted that future cruises are booked with a more professional TA!) As far as using the deposit for the cruise I mentioned we have already used a previously postponed deposit for that one. I had thought of using the insurance route but will now go back to the TA to clarify.
  9. As regards the use of deferred deposits, at least in the UK, we cancelled a December cruise yesterday which was the final payment day. I asked for our deposit to be credited to our account to be used in the future. We were told it had to be used within 12 months for a cruise departing before end December 2021. As we have a cruise already booked for late 2021 it is unlikely to be used so will be forfeited as we won’t be cruising under the proposed regimes. It is a pity Regent can’t be honest and admit that December cruises won’t be sailing and that in the UK we c
  10. As a previous response indicated Saga guests are almost exclusively British whilst Regent are normally 80% US and maybe 10 to 15% British on average. However as I mentioned comparing the Regent experience with Saga is apples and oranges. We have used Regent for 20 years and wouldn’t use anyone else (. and we have tried others over the years ) assuming all goes back to what is was eventually before the pandemic. Saga wouldn’t tick our boxes in any way.
  11. I have never been on a Saga cruise but know people who have. I don’t believe that you can compare the two. One is luxury ( Regent) and one (Saga) is very much lower mid market more like P&O. Just compare the pricing!
  12. I have just received an unpleasant call from my TA demanding payment today ( over £24000) for a cruise departing in December even though Regent’s final payment date is not until October22nd. They threw “terms and conditions” at me. Funny that their terms and conditions were abandoned when they wouldn’t refund the cost of a cancelled cruise in June within the 14 days required by ABTA. They even kept the returned fare for 14 days after receiving it due to “terms and conditions”! This cruise isn’t likely to happen apart from the fact that we, in the UK, cannot travel to the US, Miami
  13. In spite of being asked for final payment I won’t be paying as no cruises are likely this year. I am hanging on cancelling hoping Regent will cancel before final payment date in order to recover my deposit.
  14. Hi Flossie, My payments are made by credit card to the TA, in the past about 7 days prior to the Regent final payment date.
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