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  1. Putterdude

    Crown Plaza or Double Tree San Pedro?

    We have stayed at both hotels on a number of occasions. There is nothing wrong with the CP but it is just another urban hotel. The DTI on the otherhand is in a quiet park like location overlooking the LA Yacht Club and marina. If you book a room overlooking the water I am certain a person will be very happy.
  2. Putterdude

    Closest Best Western to port of San Diego

    We have stayed there and found the room to be very quiet and comfortable. The lobby was dated but I believe they have updated it in the last year or so. They do (or did) offer free airport pick up and to the cruise port. Shopping was not particularly handy however there is a great Italian restaurant kitty corner to the hotel, called Petrinis http://petrinis-sandiego.com/ Enjoy!
  3. Putterdude

    Princess cruise Ship Captains

    I am thinking that this could be one of 2 things, how many times have got those notices and there was a change of captains or it is a security issue. There was a time the convenor of a M&G could get an officer list, but for security reasons that is no longer the case.
  4. Putterdude

    Attessa IV

    Thanks Dennis, I don’t spend much time on Cruise Critic unless it relates to a cruise of ours. I find it rather tedious to read the verbose one.
  5. Putterdude

    Vancouver Info if needed

    Given you limited time on the ground a HOHO tour is likely the best bet. There are a couple of HOHO services however I have always leaned toward the Vancouver Trolley, it was a pioneer service in Vancouver, operates year round and has live narration.
  6. Putterdude

    Vancouver Info if needed

    The Blue Horizon on Robson Street is showing rates as low as $215 USD per night for 9/13/18. Its an excellent, clean, well managed property and a big favourite with cruisers. Its on a stop for the Vancouver Trolley and has many restaurants near by.
  7. Putterdude

    Vancouver Info if needed

    It's really a matter of personal choice, however Granville Is. is, depending what you want to see and do, about a 3 to 5 hour junket, so I would be inclined to go there on the Sunday and take advantage of all the shops being open. With Monday being Thanksgiving, the larger shops will be open but the smaller mom & pops and smaller shops and galleries may well be closed.
  8. Putterdude

    Vancouver Info if needed

    In October you shouldn't have a problem unless you are there on a weekend and particularly on our Thanksgiving Weekend which this year is October 7- 9th.
  9. Putterdude

    Vancouver answers from a Vancouverite (part 2)

    Yes it entirely feasible to see the Fly Over Canada on you embarkation morning. The luggage porters normally start accepting luggage at Canada Place at about 0930 so you can check you luggage and carry on the show. This link will provide you with a great deal of information and answer most of your questions. https://www.flyovercanada.com/hours-pricing/
  10. Putterdude

    Vancouver answers from a Vancouverite (part 2)

    Dudette has MS and before it came to the point that she must travel/cruise in her own wheelchair here is how we confronted the line issues at Canada Place and other terminals throughout North America, the UK and Europe. First I would contact or have your TA contact the Accessibility Department of Celebrity and advise them that your companion is in need of a "wheelchair assist" for embarkation and disembarkation; the suggestion that wheelchair assistance is only available post security is nonsense. Then upon arrival at Canada Place I would find your companion a chair and then locate a Celebrity representative that has a walkie talkie and advise them that your companion requires a wheelchair assist and that you have requested one thru the Accessibility Office. They will radio for one....you may have to wait awhile but one will be forthcoming. The pusher will advance you thru security, CBP and the check-in procedure in record time.....no problem. Even today with Dudette in her own wheelchair we request a "pusher" at any port of embarkation or disembarkation. Just a small postscript, pushers always appreciate a tip, say $5 to $10 depending how long he or she has to spend with you.
  11. Putterdude

    Vancouver answers from a Vancouverite (part 2)

    We have stayed at that property several times in the past 18 months and have left our car with them for 2 to 3+ weeks and always have been extremely happy. They properties are owned by a well known and highly respected family and to do a great job managing them. I am sure that you will be happy there.
  12. Putterdude

    Vancouver answers from a Vancouverite (part 2)

    I am a bit surprised that the Burnaby Accent Inn no longer offers the package you are want but frankly having stayed at both properties a number of times we rather prefer the airport property for its quietness. Both properties have fairly large, clean and comfortable rooms. As your package includes transportation to and from the pier handling luggage will not be a issue for you. Other hotels a little closer in to Canada Place offering stay, park and cruise packages would include the Hampton Inn - Downtown and the Coast Plaza Hotel in Vancouver's West End neighbourhood. The Executive Inn Vintage Park has offered the package previously however, I no longer see it listed....but you might care to give them a call. I rather suspect that at the end of the day the Accent Inn package is going to be the least expensive.
  13. Putterdude

    Attessa IV

    Had a ride on the new Polish built Salish Orca from Powell River to Comox today. I must admit that I had some apprehension about a ship built in Poland that had to go thru a lot of modifications before it was certified by Transport Canada. I understand that BCF flew 3 different teams of overseers first class with their wives and they still couldn't get right....even a number of doors had to be swapped out because they were not of the right classification, I mean what were the BCF overseers doing over there. The work that BCF had to do to be certified by Transport Canada has been discribed by Deb Marshall as 'warranty work'.;) OK, that out of the way I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised with the ship particularly when compared to our last local ship building effort, the Island Sky, which still shakes and rattles like an unbalanced washing machine. The Orca Spirt has a rather unique ramping system to two very well lit car decks. There are are two elevators for people who have difficulty with stairs....and they both work . We had some moderate seas and the ship rode very well and very quietly. The food service was decent and the crew friendly. The decor is very pleasant and the seating very comfortable. An new innovation is TV's on which a life jacket demonstration is shown just as the ship leaves the terminal. The windows on the passenger deck extend from the deck head to about 2 feet from deck so the cabin space is very bright. An point of interest to me was the height of the deck head on the passenger areas....I am 6’ and I could reach up and touch it. They need to get the air handling balanced but that is one if the few criticisms I would have of the ship. The other would be that every time an exterior door opens a buzzer goes off so it seemed for the whole trip buzzers were going off. However, other than these two things I must say that I was very impressed with the new Salish Orca and I am sure that her other 2 sisters will be equally impressive. On a personal Dudette and I have sold our home in Sechelt and have purchased a home on the Crown Isle golf course in Courtenay. This move will occur next month and has been brought on by the 'aging process' and a recognition that we need to be closer to family, particularly with Dudette's MS condition. We are going to miss Sechelt and our lovely view over Georgia Strait but are excited about our new home.
  14. Putterdude

    Attessa IV

    Yes, he will be but he will need to get away on weekends.;) I was reading about that contract last night and it occurred to me that this was a announcement of the previous government's shipbuilding program. However the need is much greater now that HMCS Protecteur had an engine problem off Hawaii a couple of years ago and had to be towed back of Esquimalt. Then last year HMCS Provider was deemed unseaworthy and paid off last year in Halifax. So the RCN's need is pretty great.
  15. Putterdude

    Attessa IV

    For those who may not know it, the good ship Persephone was restored a few years ago and has permanent resting spot in Gibsons (Landing) short few paces from Molly's Reach. Just a couple of local lore, Bruno got caught sneaking on to the local,golf club so many times, he was forced to join the club or they were going to charge him with trespass. I know people who used to party with him and he was quite the partyer. When Constable Constable exited stage right the Gibsons RCMP detachment got a new sargent, Sargent Sargent....I kid you not.