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  1. Unfortunately, no pool - I’m a little worried about that as well. I’ll have a pre-teen sailing and I really don’t want to go to Miami/South Beach for her to swim! I’m going to hold it as it is a great price....but I will be shopping around, especially tomorrow being Cyber Monday - I typically get good deals every year. Fingers crossed the InterContinental has a good one!!
  2. For the past 8 years, I’ve always stayed at the InterContinental - but the prices for 9/2021 are crazy high (our cruises are always in September as it works best with my time off so I’m doing a month/month comparison). In the past I’ve paid around $250/night for a king Club InterContinental room and currently a king city view is $360.00 (pay in advance is $333.00 - which I would not even consider at this time). With that being said, I just booked the YVE (which I’ve never stayed at) with a double-double....all in the two nights will be right around $160 including the “facility fee” of $20/night. (Booked a cyber deal directly through the hotel for $60/night). I’m not sure how this would be room/space wise for a girls weekend - but for two nights pre cruise, it’ll work out just fine.
  3. I’m in Macomb County - and have Comcast/Xfinity....CBC for us is channel 99 and it is part of the basic package. I hope you can find it!! Here’s a link to the show that I found... https://www.cbc.ca/documentaries/the-nature-of-things/what-we-learned-about-covid-19-from-the-diamond-princess-1.5814190
  4. I booked the Sky just for this itinerary....DR will be a whole new port to explore!
  5. I’ve sailed single in a suite and double in a GV! I had to pay the full price for the suite (no single supplement) - but I saved for this and booked a couple years out. As for the GV, I was sailing with my sister for my 50th - back before bidding. I had my TA call and ask about the GV (both were unsold)...I paid only $500 more per person and got that huge suite! I’ll never be able to afford that again....and it’s a cruise I will never forget!
  6. I’ve only sailed on the Jewel once...back in 2012. It was the best cruise ever because I fell into one heck of a deal for the Garden Villa! I’ll never be able to afford that suite again, but if you’re looking for a great nights sleep, this would be the best!
  7. I’m glad I came on here to research FLL! I just wanted a change of scenery from downtown Miami and thought FLL might be a place to spend the night! I’d much rather avoid the PIA of FLL!
  8. I had the choice of saving about $500 or paying $400/pp to move from an aft PH to the Owners Suite....I chose the OS!! That was a move I wanted to do but couldn’t see the price difference.....I’ll plop down the extra money because prior to this sale, it was a whole lot more than that!! I’m doing the happy dance!!
  9. I was able to book a Lagoon Villa at Silver Cove for my 9/5/2021 cruise! My PP+ discount and $50 excursion credit were applied at the time of booking! I'm not sure if we have a studio or what - I'm just excited about the private bathroom/shower!!
  10. Yes, you will need to go do deck 17 for the Haven Courtyard and Lounge.
  11. Darn! That’s one ship I haven’t sailed on yet! Sorry - I’m not much help!
  12. The best info is right on the NCL website. I’ve sailed many times in a suite - but not in every category....so I don’t want to give you incorrect information... https://www.ncl.com/why-cruise-norwegian/cruise-accommodations/cruise-suites-and-penthouses
  13. I just took advantage of this with a previously book cruise... I lost my $600 OBC but went up one suite level and still saved $400 on the overall cost of the cruise...also didn’t lose any other promos. I’d say it was worth it!
  14. Next the the GV on the Jewel, my favorite suite was the OS 10006 on the Dawn (for the smaller ships)!
  15. Not a Red Wings fan or have you just given up on them?? LOL My “cruise” is going to be on the ferry from Mackinaw City to Mackinaw Island! Yours sounds so much better. I’ve always wanted to cross Lake Michigan on one of the ferries - but living so far south, it’s faster for me to drive around Chicago to get to Wisconsin. Maybe next summer I’ll give it a shot!
  16. I was going to spend a week I was supposed to be cruising in Chicago - but those plans quickly got canceled do to all the upheaval going on there. Now we’re heading up to Mackinaw Island and the UP. It won’t be the same as the ocean waves - but we will be hearing the waters of Lake Huron hitting the sand.
  17. That is just horrible! I hope it gets to you soon!
  18. I’m already booked on NCL for 2021 - but I do think I want to give MSC another try for 2022 (I only cruise once a year and spoil myself in a nice suite). They did say up to 90 days for the refund....and they kept their promise!
  19. Just to let you know - without any email or pending notifications - my refunds hit my cards about 15 minutes ago! Only took 86 days!!
  20. I’m at 86 days today - nothing pending on my cards. My TA is getting nothing from MSC but the run-around. In the beginning, I was quite happy to try MSC as I had heard great things about the YC. FWIW, I just booked a suite for 9/2021 - and not with MSC.
  21. Wow! I’ve followed your posts since I became a member because I thought you gave good advice but never realized how negative you are. I have trust in my TA and, IF he did fill it out incorrectly - he’s a human being and a kind one at that. You should try it sometime... ETA: I didn’t come on here to argue or be talked down to. I only wanted to say that NCL isn’t the only cruise line letting their customers down. I thank you for your unkind words and pray that your evening is pleasant.
  22. Sorry - but when I read that the majority of TAs are being told they completed the forms incorrectly, I tend to not believe the cruise line. It’s got to be tough to not have trust and faith in people you know well.
  23. Thanks! I have faith in my TA - and you’re right - someone will typically have either the same or worse horror story!
  24. Just so you know - the run-around I’m getting from MSC is a whole lot worse! My TA canceled my 9/2020 cruise way before final payment was even due. At the 70 day mark, he called to see where I was in the process...he was told that he completed the refund request incorrectly and had to re-request/resubmit. I trust him implicitly and I know he did the refund correctly, especially after reading on the MSC boards that more people than not are being told the same story. Not every TA completed the refund requests incorrectly - and even if they did, why didn’t MSC notify them of the error?? Because they are making up an excuse to buy them time! I’ve booked a 9/2021 cruise on NCL and will never book with MSC again!
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