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  1. We went on the bear creek zip lining tour and it was GREAT!
  2. my brother packed a soft side cooler and his room steward filled it with ice for him everyday. ;0
  3. we prepared with LOTS of layers but got really lucky! never saw a drop of rain, I could wear short sleeves, capri's and a fleece vest from Land's end and was fine. The sun was shining bright while we were in Glacier Bay!
  4. We did not have a problem. EVERYONE had to keep their things picked up but it was not to bad! We never ordered room service! :)
  5. Which sailing where you on? We were on the Ryndam July 9th-16th
  6. On our cruise to Alaska earlier this month I actually had a man stop me after the first formal night and tell me how impressed he was with our 4 children (14,12, 10 and 7) He said that he had been on many cruises and mine were the best mannared he had seen! WE REALLY APPRECIATED THIS! Please don't always be negative. Tell parents and children when they are doing a good job also!
  7. My husband and I took our 4 children last week. Ages 14, 12, 10 and 7. they all had a BLAST! It is my understanding that the zips are not quite and daring and fast as the original canapy zipline tour but they were perfect for us! The bridge, swing and the slide were enjoyed also! the slide was best part for them! It is worth the trip! My 7 yo made it across the first 3 lines by himself but then got stuck, they went out to save him. LOL after that he zipped with them and really got to go much faster. he loved it!
  8. very limited scrapbooking! I don't have time with 4 kids and I just went back to get another degree. ;) The bear was right outside our bus window! It was great! We loved your town!
  9. On HAL you no longer have to hide beer. We were told to bring it aboard. We picked some up at every port and were fine. We asked getting back on about it and it was not problem!
  10. Duh yes it was in Skagway on the way back from Emerald Lake area.
  11. We took a horseback riding tour through Southwest Tours. We saw one bear on the way up. Not as close. Then on the way back we saw the one that we got most of the pictures of. He just stood there posing for us! We finally moved along to give the car behind us a better look. the bus driver said that was the best look he has ever gotten. I think we got really lucky!
  12. Jill, those are great! We did not get to sitka I would have liked to!
  13. It was about 60 each day. It was really nice! Vancouver aquarium was wonderful they have a 1 month old baby boluga whale. The master chefs dinner was so so. We were kind of sick of 2 hour dinners by the end of the cruise. :) Where in kc are you? We are in Overland park.
  14. triciaminkc

    alaska pics!

    Just got back! We did the inside passage. We flew to seattle .... took the amtrack to Vancouver (loved it!) sailed from vancouver on Ryndam. stopped at Jaunau, Skagway and Ketchikan then back to vancouver. We had a blast! Saw whales, bears, seals, bald eagles..... and LOTS of beautiful landscape! http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0AZNGzJw1cOGLmg
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