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  1. I really wonder that X is not seeing how many people are reluctant to book IV. To me, it would be like reverting to pre-veranda days. Does not attract me at all. Interesting. The window faces forward? So is there any affect from the Magic carpet on the cabin? Any noise or people seeing your balcony? Thanks
  2. Further questions on Edge Sky suites. Is there a window between the bathroom and the bedroom and does it mean that if someone is sleeping and the other goes in the bathroom, the light comes thru? Also, so with the 4MDR, there is no way to have a fixed table, right? (same people, same staff)? (actually, just read you can, and then "visit" the other 3. Has anyoe done that? How easy is it to reserve in one of the others? And, does one or the other "fill up"? Do you make reservations for every night if it is not your chosen fixed? On the Retreat pool deck, no shade? I am hoping that by 2024 X will figure out that people want shade and add some? Should be easy.
  3. So, it looks like the orange frame for the magic carpet sticks out past the balcony on the MC sky suite. I know you mentioned the forward window (is this in the cabin or on the balcony?) but does the orange frame enclose your balcony a bit in looking forward? thanks
  4. Interesting. The window faces forward? So is there any affect from the Magic carpet on the cabin? Any noise or people seeing your balcony? Thanks
  5. Trying to compare SV SKY 317sq 398sq longer, less wide wider, less long? MDR Luminae No retreat Retreat No afternoon snacks Incl bev includes premium drinks A) can anyone verify what I have entered B) other differences? thanks
  6. Looking at a year from now. Which is better weather-wise? Thankis
  7. We've been on several TransAtlantics. We don't get bored on sea days. We wake a bit late, get breakfast, look at the activities - we like trivia and bingo. Also, spend some time lying by the pool reading. Usually grab food out there. A bit of time in the casino playing blackjack. Other games and such the cruise staff put on. On Eclipse, glass blowing demonstrations. Etc.
  8. Always : Celebrity, (Princess ok too) Never : HAL : went once and was 50 years too young for the crowd and for the entertainment aimed at that crowd and the shore ex, etc. Also, on our one experience, the customer service was abysmal. There was leaking sewage and no air conditions and the front desk really didn't seem to care (In the hallways, not just in the room) and told us it was because the ship had just come from Alaska that the AC didn't work. I will say that they had the best speakers on the topic of the cruise (the Panama canal). Probably not Carnival again - obvious reasons Maybe: want to try Viking Ocean, Azamara, Disney when we have grandkids. We started on RCL and will sail them but prefer X. Agree with the Never : huge ships with carnivals.
  9. We usually cruise X but have cruised Princess. These days, mostly stay with X because of priority level. I find both to be very similar experience. One nice thing on Princess that I like is the laundromat. which is nice when you need it. Other than that, I can't think of any big diff.
  10. Yes, I am NOT asking for the guidelines, I am asking what more/most of the rest of the passengers wear. ALL within guidelines, just curious the "feel" of the cruise. More casual or more dressy?
  11. "within" suggested is a very very broad range, as others have said. A tux, a suit, a collared shirt are all still in the guidelines. So, still tends to vary by location. Which "end" of the guidelines?
  12. The one part of the question I didn't see a reply to is re: Australia/NZ cruises and attire and if they tend to be more like European (a bit more dressy) or more like Caribbean (less dressy?) (btw, my hubby likes to dress up, but since, in his mind, Tux means taking patent Tux shoes, he now doesn't take a tux, but does take suits for dressy nights. We get so few opportunities these days to "dress up" (we also live in Silicon Valley), we like dressing up on a cruise.)
  13. We are looking at booking both a NZ to Sydney and a Great Barrier Reef roundtrip Sydney. For NZ to Sydney, we are looking for Starboard, but how much of the coast of NZ will we even see from the ship? On the GBR cruise, does anyone know where the ships (Celebrity) navigate near the reef? Is it between the reef and mainland or outside the reef? Does it matter which side of the ship? thanks!!
  14. Hi. Can anyone who has recently been on Millennium (in Asia) comment on the temps on-board (i.e. in the main dining room, casino, theater, etc) Some ships are colder than others. Thanks!!
  15. Also, for me, meclizine doesn't do it, I get Scopalomine patches from my doctor. (also knows as Transderm Scop) They work great!
  16. Since all the bookings, even on board, are in the 3 perks option (none, two or 4) this is the same as not onboard, and you end up paying for the perks, correct? But I see it only says if one of the perks is the drink package, the price increases?
  17. Is this true for even the "extra handheld" in CC cabins that they mention or just the on the wall type
  18. Since we are elite, can we pre-book the surf package and get our elite discount on it?
  19. We will want to have surf wi fi on one device, however, we are elite and so we first get a bunch of minutes each. Are we best to wait til we are on board, use our free minutes and then book surf for the rest of the voyage? I think that if you book part way thru the voyage, the price is less (because you are paying for less days?) thanks
  20. Yes, I have checked Trip Advisor. Was just looking here for some first hand inputs. Thanks
  21. Looking for recommendations for cooking classes in Singapore. Not private, but small (10-12) group. thanks
  22. Ah, thanks. I was thinking about the "bump" cabins which also have larger balconies, right?
  23. Why are only the deck 6 cabins in the Sweet 16? what about the similar on deck 7 or 8?
  24. Also, make sure your visa is for multiple entries if your cruise has multiple stops in Vietnam. There is a kind that is for multiple days, like 15 or something, but one entry, and another for multiple entries.
  25. I also find that my TA is able to get better service from the cruiselines for things like better cabins or dinner reservations when Celebrity told me that late was full, etc. You might not get this from the big box stores but a cruise specialist does this type of followup quite well.
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