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  1. UandMe4Ever

    My two cents on Summit.

    Hi, in spite of some minor flaws, we had a great cruise and met some very nice people. Bermuda is still one of the most beautiful Islands. This was our 6th time there and 4th on a Celebrity ship.
  2. UandMe4Ever

    Just Back From Summit

    So good to hear the Summit is still great! Who is the Captain? We are sailing in 2 weeks and so looking forward to Bermuda...Awaiting your review after you settle back. I know it's hard, but...Thanks!!:D
  3. UandMe4Ever

    Gombey Dancers

    Guess we miss the Gombey Dancers this trip! We are not on Escape, but Summit. Well perhaps another time. Thanks! Enjoy your cruise:)
  4. Hi there Arzeena, how you be? long time no talk. You going on the Summit 9/2? Paulette
  5. UandMe4Ever

    Texting Onboard the Summit

    Good info. I am thinking of bringing my Appe Ipad for use mostly in the cabin for texting, games, facebook, etc. Wondering if its worth the price of the internet package? Our carrier is Verizon, should that matter. Leaving soon and any info anyone can give will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.:confused::)
  6. So I guess Captain Kate WILL be on the Summit for our September 2nd sailing. That will be awesome. Thanks!!
  7. UandMe4Ever

    Celebrity Summit Summit Bar singer

    Linda, such lovely reviews and I'm sure well deserved! Will you be on the Summit week of September 2, 2018? Thanks. Hope we see you on board.:p
  8. UandMe4Ever

    Just off the Summit - ask away

    Thank you again. Each Restaurant sounds great! We'll decide which (or both) on board.
  9. UandMe4Ever

    Just off the Summit - ask away

    Thank you, but forgot to ask what kinds of food. We will be 2 people. Thanks again:)
  10. UandMe4Ever

    Just off the Summit - ask away

    Thanks for the info. Not that big a fan of hot dogs, etc. Rarely eat them at home. No loss.:) Still trying to find out of they have coffee in the waiting area in Bayonne? on RCI, they have a nice little set up. TIA
  11. UandMe4Ever

    Just off the Summit - ask away

    Thanks! I guess mostly Italian food? Also, did you try Qsine? any thoughts? anyone? Thanks again.
  12. UandMe4Ever

    Just off the Summit - ask away

    I hope the Summit does dock starboard side this cruise. NCL will be docked there as well. Thank you! On another note, looking for some feedback on the specialty restaurants. Don't know which one is better (I'm sure they are all good). We are older and enjoy a relaxing meal. TIA :)
  13. UandMe4Ever

    Just off the Summit - ask away

    Hi, totally off topic: Was there another ship docked at KW with you? Which side docked in? We have a starboard side cabin this time and was wondering if we'd see the "dock' area when docked. Thanks again in advance.
  14. UandMe4Ever

    Just off the Summit - ask away

    Hope they will be on our Sept. 2nd Sailing. Anyone know? Love Frankie Valli. Thanks:)
  15. Hello all! Does anyone know who the Captain will be on the September 2nd sailing on the Summit?:confused: Couldn't find answer. Thanks in advance.:)