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    alaska cruise

    Thank you so much for all the info. I would definetly not get a one way car rental. 2 older ladies driving alone that distance is pretty risky. Is the best way to get the bus shuttle when we fly into Seattle and arrange for a hotel stay in Vancouver,get a cab to the port in Vancouver the next morning? What would be the best plan getting back, shuttle bus back to Seattle and hotel stay there before we leave for the airport the next day? And how do you get the shuttle bus back to Seattle when you disembark the ship? I really appreciate all the advice. I find this trip much more challanging than traveling to Europe since we had a party of six including 2 men.
  2. cookie108

    alaska cruise

    Thank you so much for that information. I actually called an internet cruise travel agent and was told there is no transportation from Seattle to Vancouver. When would you be staying at the hotel? I have always planned all my own trips but I know Alaska would be tricky because of the time change and long flight which probably means a hotel stay before and after the flight.
  3. cookie108

    alaska cruise

    We will be flying from either Orlando or Tampa Florida. Every time I added airfare onto cruise it came out to between $1000 and $1100. What airline did you use for that terrific fare?
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    alaska cruise

    We are two senior ladies who are planning an Alaska cruise. What would be the least expensive way to do this? On reading reviews it seems that you have rougher seas on the first day if you leave from Seattle and have nothing to see on the first day also. If you fly into Vancouver the airfare jumps up enormously. Any advice would be appreciated.