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  1. Thank you for your response. I’m very pleased that you got that worked out! I really should have fought it initially with my Princess Cruise Consultant, or whatever they are called, but I figured I had enough credit eligible to use as a deposit, or payment for any future bookings. Perhaps I will pursue it now. What really annoys me is the loss of the unused FCD. I didn’t realize it had already been refunded until I called Princess when I noticed it had been removed!
  2. Yes, I certainly hope so. I’ve already lost three FCD’s because of cancelled cruises. One expired as I, for some reason, thought I was told that they would automatically be extended and did not call to ask for an extension. The others were used for cruises that were cancelled and are now in with FCC. It has been noted in my record that, although I will have to pay the full deposit amount, the OBC will be honored for all of them. We shall see.
  3. The loss of the Loyalty OBC, free Internet minutes (if I choose to not add Princess Plus), and the effective loss of Priority Boarding ( We always arrived early and enjoyed the drinks and snacks while waiting in the lounge), is not enough to make me take a refund and quit cruising with Princess. What it does do is make it easier for me to book with some other lines I have been anxious to try!
  4. It’s amazing how “quiet” that little sentence is, after all of the “wonderful” benefits are noted.
  5. Yes, it is disappointing. I’m also VERY disappointed that the Loyalty Onboard Credit has been canceled!
  6. Last week I was finally able to access my account on the Princess site, but not on the MedallionClass App. Now neither works. I, too, hope they will be up soon, and fully functioning.
  7. We’ve purchased the water package several times, and it was a great deal. I do believe they will stop selling that, but who knows about the individual bottles at $3.00 (I think!) a pop! I do not like tap water, but will do it if I must.
  8. Mine still says “Your account appears to be locked,” and says to try resetting the password. 😕
  9. Still getting the locked out message...🤨
  10. Same here. No message, just another blank login. Not sure I’d call it progress, though! 😄
  11. That’s probably because the Emerald was going to Glacier Bay. It is a wonderful change, although I will not be moving over to the Majestic. I was really looking forward to all the deck space on the smaller, older, Emerald.
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