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  1. Absolutely loving this review! Your concise writing style and photos are amazing! It may be time for an upgrade from my iPhone 6+ to an 11 Pro, if that is what you said you have! (About time, anyway!) I’m looking forward to more of your review, and wishing it was for more than a seven day cruise! 😊
  2. I just discovered that the Bon Voyage Experience was cancelled shortly after we took friends on one last year. It was a wonderful opportunity to introduce friends to cruising, visit a ship new to us, and add to our Future Cruise Deposit bank. We were looking forward to bringing some more folks on board when we depart in May. To say I am disappointed is an understatement!
  3. 😂😂😂 Thanks for pointing that out, sssteele! I would have never noticed, and would have preferred it that way! Yuk! 🤡 Lois
  4. KSSS2013, thank you for your recap! Well balanced I would say!
  5. Welcome home! Thank you for taking the time to post...your photos are fantastic! Although the food seems to have left a lot to be desired, I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing vacation!
  6. Thank you for the update! I’m hoping the food selection improves for you! That’s not a great start. 🙁
  7. I’m really enjoying your photos and review! Wow! I’m not an interior room person, but yours looks large and well planned! Bon Voyage!
  8. The Coral library is lovely and the only one I’ve seen that is appealing to spend time in. The Coral also has that wonderful game room with tables for games and puzzles! It is a shame that this area was removed from the Island...but that is another story.
  9. Wow! I didn’t know Carnival once had that program. It is wonderful, and we have used it many times on Princess. I hope it is never discontinued!
  10. Agreed. We were on the Ruby in December 2017 when the Thomas Fire occurred in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. We were concerned about our friends and niece, and Princess was very gracious to allow us to make calls. Our niece lost her home of 40 years and was quite shaken, but it was good to talk to her and know she was okay.
  11. It is wonderful that you are happy with your Royal suite! I agree...the room size and amenities (Sabatini’s for me!) are so worth it. I must admit that aft suites on the older ships are my preference, for both the balcony size and the wake! May you continue to have a Bon Voyage! 😊
  12. That suite balcony is shocking...even sad for a mini-suite or balcony cabin!
  13. We have received the staggered boarding notices out of San Pedro for several years and have never followed the information. We have typically been at the port by 10:30, and boarded by 11:30. There was an ever so slight delay when we boarded the Coral on March 17th (from the tent, as the Ruby was also in port...don’t like the facility) but were on by noon. We were in boarding group #1 and experienced no problems. 😊
  14. The “click on photo of destination” site showed up for me sometime last year. It is awful. Surprisingly, it has recently been back to the old format and it didn’t register on me until just now! I hope it stays that way!
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