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  1. We were doing quite a bit of off-roading at the time! This is a fun thread!
  2. Yes, I though it pretty strange, too! Thank you for the head’s up, weedpindle! I’ll have to check my hubby’s account! 😊
  3. I couldn’t watch it tonight, but I will see if I can find it elsewhere. (I don’t believe I get Sundance.) I always enjoy watching shows filmed onboard a ship!
  4. Oh, how I hope that is true...and that one will be found!
  5. We’ve already received an email for our cancelled July 2021 Alaska cruise on the Sun...I was so hoping another ship would take over this wonderful itinerary. 😔
  6. In addition to the complimentary mini-bar, which is not replenished, and same day laundry service, if turned in by 9am, we have received two bottles of water daily. The elite laundry service return can be iffy, depending on the number of elites onboard, but the suite laundry has always been on time for us. Another wonderful benefit for suite guests is breakfast at whatever restaurant the ship specifies for suites, and Club Class dining! I would love to always be in a suite...but that won’t happen!
  7. No coffee table, either???
  8. Thank you so much for this tribute. After four cruises on this wonderful ship, starting with Hawaii in 2010, I was so looking forward to being on her again on May 30th. I’m so sorry that I will not have the opportunity to wish her a Bon Voyage before she leaves the fleet...😔
  9. Thanks! Senior moment! I knew that when I first responded. 🥴 I’m very happy we were able to do it in April 2019, and I hope It comes back.
  10. I read somewhere...not sure if it was on Cruise Critic...that is was being discontinued December 2019.
  11. Thank you, Thrak! I’ll go that route, too! Lois
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