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  1. I want to thank the loyal board members here who helped us prepare for our Midnight Sun cruise, completed a week ago. It was our first on Crystal and we enjoyed it very much. Not everything went smoothly but most things did. The help offered by posters here was really invaluable. Once on board, we met very many nice people from our roll call and otherwise. Everyone is very friendly and good company. Thanks for getting us ready to go, answering questions so patiently, and sharing the wealth of knowledge that helped make it a really nice trip.
  2. OP here. We’re on the Serenity another few days and I’ll be wearing our excess OBC home in the form of a QEvon necklace to match the earrings I won in a drawing. Funny how that worked out!
  3. Thank you! We’ve had a nice day and a half in Reykjavik, looking forward to a Golden Circle tour tomorrow before pre-dinner boarding. We figure we’ll have plenty more time to explore the ship in the upcoming days, but only a short time to see the sights here. We met two folks from our roll call at breakfast this morning (Connie & Gerry) and there were 5 others on our South Coast tour today, though not cruise critic folks. So far so good. We’re Crystal newbies, but the experienced Crystal people are even more excited than we are. Not that it matters, but my CC name is perlgirlnj. Those are “L”s, not “i”s. But the Amy part is right, and more important. Will try to post impressions as we go. Anchors away!
  4. We are getting ready in earnest to pack for our 16 day Iceland/Norway cruise, our first on Crystal. We're in a standard verandah cabin. On our past cruises, it has been helpful on some lines to bring the plastic, over the door shoe hanger to organize incidentals in the cabin. Some lines had so much easily accessible storage that we didn't need it (like Seabourn); for others it was a necessity (like Azamara). Thoughts on whether we should bring it or not? Please keep in mind: standard verandah, not a suite of any stripe. THanks.
  5. We're traveling to Iceland and Norway mid-June to early July. Will we need insect repellant for any reason? I assume we should bring sunscreen--or is this an incorrect assumption? Does anyone bring binoculars (we are not going bird-watching so it would be only for scenery)? Any other esoteric things we need to pack beyond standard-cruise and rainy/windy items?
  6. On another thread, I found the included spirits list. Am I reading this correctly that there are no single malt scotches included? If so, that'll use some OBC because that's what DH drinks. I'm sure one of these threads has a complete spirits list but I can't find it at the moment. Can someone tell me typical prices for a pour of something like Macallan or Oban or Dalwinnie? Or tell me where the spirits list is? EDIT: Found it myself finally! Thanks for the great ideas above. We'll be doing some spending (and probably donating) for sure.
  7. Super ideas, several I didn't know about at all. We're excited--it's soon!
  8. I never thought I'd do this, but I planned out--and largely paid for since they're private excursions--all of our excursions for our upcoming Iceland/Norway cruise. I neglected to take into account that we have a healthy amount of OBC begging to be used. Generally I'd use it for internet (but it's included), specialty dining (but it's largely included), spirits (included), etc. We hope to use some for a Vintage Room lunch, and I'd never complain about a massage, but that still leaves us with a pretty good amount of OBC left. What am I missing that we could spend this on? I just looked over all of our excursions to see if I wanted to cancel something and use the OBC for a Crystal excursion, but honestly, I like what I've already booked and I don't want to mess it up. And I can't find anything to add on that works in terms of timing or that isn't duplicative. Silly problem, right?
  9. I am reading on the Monte Carlo casino website that there are tours available during the mornings from 9 AM until 1 PM for 17 Euros (40 min). There is no further information. Has anybody taken this tour and can you tell me how much you're able to visit and if one needs to come at a specific time? I am not interested in gaming but am interested in seeing the beautiful building. Please forgive if double-post. I'm having trouble getting it to go through.
  10. Yeah, we thought better of it and are coming in the day before. Thanks.
  11. Started thinking about packing because DH said he needed shoes and we're going to be in NY soon where our best shoe options are. So if he's getting shoes, well then I am too, right? And clothes too, right? That's how these things work.
  12. We are on a cruise that embarks at Monaco. The ship leaves at 5 PM. Let's assume we'd want to be at the port at 3 PM just to be safe. We are considering a flight which gets into Nice at 10:25 AM that day. We would take a taxi or other private, direct transportation. Is this safe & realistic? Thanks for advice. PS: The flight has a plane change at JFK with a 3 hour layover there. This is the beginning of September.
  13. Please accept my apology; I didn't mean to be hurtful. I had thought the thread was getting a little judge-y and I was trying to go back to my question, which was evening-wear. I guess that didn't come across well. Sorry.
  14. FYI, OP here. Don’t own Uggs, wasn’t planning on buying/bringing. For day-wear, I’ve got waterproof hiking sneakers, and water resistant black shoes w white-soles, slightly nicer looking. I’ve got layers planned: a three-in-one fleece w waterproof jacket, and I do plan on throwing in a knit hat for the North Cape, just in case. I hope to not need it but I’d rather have it and it’s small. (We were in the more southern part of the Baltics a few years ago during a heat wave and the shorts I’d made both DH and I take OUT of the suitcase before we left drove me crazy. We were very hot. Lesson learned on small things.) What I was actually asking about was evening wear—Crystal Casual—but these threads have a life of their own. Can we call it a day here? I promise to follow rules and dress appropriately. Hubby too!
  15. Thanks everyone. I had been thinking "Alaska-style" for during the day, and that seems to be what folks are saying. And I think I'm on the right path for evenings as well. I'll throw in a pashmina in addition to my blazer just to mix it up a little bit. I have metallic sandals which will go with nearly everything which I'll put in for evenings, and everyone can enjoy watching my toes turn blue (with cold). I don't have a comparable pair of closed shoes but if I see them between now and then, I'll swap out the sandals. DH isn't a fashion maven but he wouldn't wear an untucked shirt to go to the grocery store. Old school and all that. He won't bring his tux but can he bring just blazer (sport jacket)/dark dress slacks/tie? The blazer with khakis and without tie would be useful for other evenings on the ship. Or does he need a suit for BTO nights? If so, he'd probably bring the blazer too--UGH. I envision this being a luggage-heavy trip, between 18 days of travel and cooler temperatures. (I know--look what I'm complaining about! Oh woe is me. . . . ) Appreciate the advice.
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