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  1. Thank you for this information! It looks like that is a main location for the Flashpoint Band. Flashpoint Band is playing there during the "Welcome Cocktail" time from 5:15 to 6:15 so that makes sense. We will make it a point to always check out what is playing in the Meraviglia Lounge.
  2. I understand the jkgourmet's sentiments! I completely feel the same way, and we had planned to drive, and I already had the parking reserved. My first-time cruise friends, at the last minute, said they needed to fly, and we could use their points so it would not cost anything for us. I pointed out that we could miss the cruise, but since we do have travel insurance, we can get reimbursed in case that happens, so they could make the call. The only reason I agreed to fly instead of driving, though, was we have a direct flight that leaves at 5:45 a.m. and arrives at 7:45 a.m. on American. So, I believe the direct flight plane will be sitting at our airport overnight which greatly reduces the likelihood that we would not arrive in time to get on the boat.There is always that chance, though, which our friends were willing to take. My husband and I always either fly down the day before or drive, because it takes the stress out of the trip. If my husband and I don't make it, it will not be as huge a disappointment because we have been cruising every year for 14 years.
  3. Will it cost more on Super Bowl Sunday due to road closures?
  4. I checked, and I had forgotten to check Display. I signed up for 4 - me and my husband and our friends. Thanks for checking for me. Did you sign up for the repeat customer's reception? If so, how do you do that?
  5. I have signed up for the Roll Call (unless for some reason it didn't take). We went on the MSC Poesia about 8 years ago, and it was one of our favorite cruises ever. We loved the international feel and all the dance lessons. I am sitting here trying to map out our evenings after printing out the daily programs from one of the posts in December.
  6. Would it be possible to go to the MDR afterwards at our regular dinner time if he was still hungry and have our regular MDR meal?
  7. Which of the following musical groups play music conducive for ballroom dancing? Hot Swing Trio, Hot Swing Duo, Flashpoint Band, Jazz Trio, Irina & Music Life Trio?
  8. A first-time cruise couple is going with my husband and I on the Feb 2nd Meraviglia cruise with Bella balconies. We are seasoned cruisers and have enjoyed all our meals on the Carnival/NCL/RC/Costa/MSC cruises we have taken before. We just always take advice from our waiters and order based on their suggestions to avoid the less well prepared items. However, I have read that MDR food options are hits and misses, with quite a number of very negative reviews on the food. I want our friends to have the best cruise experience possible and to want to go on other cruises based on what they experienced on the Meraviglia. Thus, I am thinking about recommending we book the Tryptic or Butcher/Ocean Cay/Sonor trio meals. Can anyone recommend specific nights for the specialty restaurants based on the MDR menus for the nights so that we avoid the 'misses'? Also, my husband is a big eater and enjoys ordering multiple appetizers and desserts, so I am concerned with him still being hungry after eating at the specialty restaurants, especially Kaito. Do big eaters leave wanting more food after the dining experiences since they consist of one appetizer, one entree and one desert? Also, what have been your favorite MDR items? Thank you for advising us in this area of our cruise!!
  9. If we dock by 8:30, can we get to St. George and then to Hamilton in a day? I was thinking about trying to catch the 9 a.m. ferry to St. George and then catch the 1 p.m. or later back to the dockyard. Then either get back on dock for a bite and take the ferry to Hamilton for Harbor Nights or just get straight on ferry to Hamilton and try to get to the zoo before 4:00. We will be docked from Wednesday morning, so hope to use the ferry on Wednesday, and use a scooter all day Thursday, and then explore the dockyard on Friday morning before we leave. Does this sound like a good plan. My husband is a very experienced motorcyclist, and we plan to avoid city driving during 'rush hours.' Thanks!
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