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  1. Id never check a $1200 CPAP machine that you depend on. Anything can happen if it is checked. I use one and YES I hate to lug it around but I do.
  2. mad-dog74

    Update from the Oasis

    I thought offering ships to evacuees and supplying islands with supplies has been a pretty good move. Thumbs up ROYAL. FYI, trip insurance would pay for medical services onboard in addition to travel related expenses
  3. Oasis and harmony ports should be similar. Freedom is smaller without all the "neighborhoods".... doesn't have the AquaTheatre, zipline, central park, boardwalk, etc. Still a fabulous ship though. Harmony is newer, with newer technology, cabin layouts, etc. We just finished a Harmony cruise and loved it... we've done Allure too. The entertainment is top notch on Oasis class ships, and the dive show at the Aqua Theatre is awesome. I personally would pick Harmony just because it is newer, but you really couldn't go wrong with any of the 3.
  4. We used wi-fi calling on harmony a couple weeks ago... worked perfectly for incoming and outgoing calls. On iPhones... you have to enable wi-fi calling BEFORE turning on airplane mode. Go to SETTINGS.... PHONE.... WI-FI CALLING. Then Turn on WI-FI CALLING FOR THIS PHONE. It may prompt you to enter your emergency address... really wont matter on a ship. THEN TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE TURN ON WI-FI and CONNECT to Royal Wifi
  5. mad-dog74

    Best Beach at Labadee?

    We love Columbus Cove.... we rented a bungalow and it was great.... Been to Nellie's and Adrenaline... we prefer Columbus.
  6. Not a design flaw... it was designed to be an outside area... just like boardwalk. If it rains there you may get wet, just like you will on the first 2-3 rows of the Aqua Theatre during the show!
  7. mad-dog74

    Harmony of the Seas for Teens

    We just got off harmony last week... the teen area is awesome. Our kids are too young, it it was a really nice, and large, area!
  8. We were getting off the ship when you were getting on. Did you notice a lot of RUDE people? It's a wonder they didn't knock you down getting off while you were trying to get on... LOL! From the elevators, to chairs by the pool, to parents at the mini-golf letting their unruly kids interfere with the play of others... there were just lots of rude people.
  9. mad-dog74

    All Access Ship Tour

    Just did it on Harmony... very nice although the "gift" was lame... we got a lanyard and a knot-tying rope kit. I probably took 100+ pictures. went to the kitchen, I-95, freezers, recycling center, laundry, engine control room, laundry, and the bridge.
  10. mad-dog74

    Best time to buy Internet

    Most of the time... price is cheaper in advance. I bought when it was 20%off I think and then I cancelled and re-bought when they offered the package with internet... saved more $
  11. mad-dog74

    Cabana Pricing

    We just, last week, had a bungalow at Columbus Cove for $250. Very well pleased with it... ands we've had cabanas in the past. Super nice furnishings... couch and loungers... cooler with Evian... floating mats...
  12. You should not even have to give it to them... you "scan" it yourself... they usually call u by name and verify your picture.
  13. mad-dog74

    Harmony: SeaPass Card around neck

    Just off Harmony... there are multiple places that sell lanyards with sleeves... You gotta use a sleeve. Holes cannot be punched in harmony's sea pass.
  14. mad-dog74

    Harmony Eastern Aug 5-12; My 2 cents

    We were on Allure a few years ago and I don't recall being that uncomfortable. Most hallways and especially the elevators were just downright sweltering. Oh, also sone thing I forgot to mention was the elevators... the forward elevators were noticeably less crowded. The aft elevators were crazy all the time.
  15. mad-dog74

    Harmony Eastern Aug 5-12; My 2 cents

    Studio B was my favorite place....