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  1. We hope to cruise again in October. Our last cruise was two years ago and we have re booked twice.I can hardly stand it. I am actually watching reruns of The Love Boat and YOUTUBE ships in bad weather. I cannot think of a restriction that will hamper my fun. Yes, things will be different and we may be annoyed by some of the changes. But I tell myself it is my choice to go. I do think once they get the green light, the cruise lines need to make it clear what we can and cannot expect. Then, let people rebook to a later time if the restrictions are deal breakers.
  2. Our first cruise was in 2004 for my sister's 50th birthday on the Paradise. We loved that it was a fully no smoking ship. She wanted to take a trip and I agreed to go anywhere. So she springs a cruise on me. No way!!!!But, she reminded me that I had promised. I had these visions of sinking in the dark, cold water, teeming with sharks. Once we got on the ship, I was hooked!! We have been sailing together ever since. I think that first cabin was an inside on Riviera deck. My bed was apparently above something mechanical, but boy did we sleep well. Now it is 4-J's and balconies. Our next cruise
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