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  1. I think either a drug that fights this and lessons the severity or a vaccine.
  2. I believe you just mentioned the problem as to why so many of us are concerned. When I did paperwork it clearly stated 30 days from that date not 60 and definitely not 90 from debarkation date. So they are pushing the goal post to the right after telling people 30 days is a valid concern.
  3. They took crew into FLL twice from Oasis on tenders not airlift. Apparently the story is not entirely correct perhaps an airlift from the Infinity.
  4. If you booked via a TA, they have your information. I got mine yesterday and guessed this would be the change however I figured more days in Bermuda. One day isn’t enough and really the Itinerary is terrible. Of course it doesn’t matter, doubt there will be any May cruise.
  5. Oh he has already heard about that on the Presidents cruise and trust me he had his answer for the entire audience at the Q&A. The old space is needed for Revenue and enjoy having a lounge. That sums it up.
  6. I recommend your first stop be at the pool for a chair if you are a pool person. The pool area was quite crowded while there on Symphony but plenty of chairs at the beach.
  7. I guess because they have your CC information now and an agreement so that probably covers why you can’t cancel out of course it probably should allow you to raise your bid.
  8. Rob, they are still sending me Royal Up emails for this cruise. I have no interest in them especially since I have to pay for 2 nd I am solo.
  9. That was my favorite RCCL dessert, of course it is no longer available because rumor has it, it cost RCCL too much from the vendor. Key lime is ok but I thought it always tasted pre made ashore. Ranger and chocolate chip cookies are good. In DR I usually order ice cream; I don’t think any of the desserts are that great. It seems the best desserts are in the WJ.
  10. Actually it probably is 18 to 20% because that is the new tip rate on bev packages
  11. snowbird1

    Bike Rentals

    Well that was my experience from the Dockyard. Now I think I saw a tour somewhere in which they may start on the trail. There is a little tour shack right off the pier, go in and check.
  12. I had one there myself about 2 weeks ago.
  13. snowbird1

    Bike Rentals

    DeeDee, think I better give you a heads up here. I was just in Bermuda and rented a pedal bike at the shop mentioned here. First let me tell you the rental for a pedal bike is expensive, $40 for 1 day. Second you will need to ride on the roads for about 2 miles to reach that bike trail which is near the police station. It was not an easy ride if you aren’t in decent bike riding shape, there are hills and it was very hot. You will have the stress of cars, trucks, buses and scooters constantly behind you so be aware. Once on the trail things are better and less stress.
  14. Oh, sorry to hear this, hope you had a good trip home and great seeing you again. I will say this, once they put cabins up there on deck 11 where Sky lounge is, I would never book one if even a chance of rough seas. As you know we spent a lot of time there in rough seas. It didn’t bother me visiting but no thanks for cabin location. 😂
  15. I totally agree, they are terrible and they have a taste.
  16. Remember Bermuda already has both Berths taken next week with regularity scheduled cruises. I am not sure they could accommodate another large ship.. small ships, very small can dock in Hamilton.
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