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  1. I am sure break even is much higher then 4 drinks
  2. Cant help thinking the cruise would be better if not sharing a room with MIL!
  3. Im on it too there will be 2 couples first time carnival cruise
  4. Some years ago there was a report in the news of someone commiting suicide by setting them selves of fire , it seemed that for a period of time afterwards that there was a few suicides by the same method .Now we are seeing reports about people jumping overboard, it may be people who are suicidal are influenced , for want of a better word , to choose a method that has been brought to their attention Very sad , you have to be in a very very place to do this
  5. There is nothing worse than hanging around until your cabin is ready, I much prefer to be able to dump my stuff off in the cabin and then go exploring. We have picked the latest time we could to be honest we would have preferred it to be later to make our drive down more relaxed If you book onto hotels you can rarely check in before 3pm
  6. Why should we be restricted as to where we can eat ? All the eating areas should cater for vegetarians , and provide as many choices .I have looked at the menu examples for mdr and there doesn't seem to be a lot of vegetarian choice , and it's all very well saying eat at the buffet but would prefer to eat with the rest of my party !
  7. Thank you Our first cruise was on RCI mariner of the seas and we hated it ......we dont know why , maybe it was too big ? All our subsequent cruises have been on smaller old and according to some reviews about to to sink under all the rust and we have loved them Celebrity Millenium, P&O Oceania , Ventura , Acardia ( didn't like) And Marella / Tui discovery and dream So we are far from fussy lol
  8. We will be going on our first Carnival cruise in January , on the Legend and I am curious why this ship is rarely mentioned on here
  9. We have got the latest check in time possible, we will be driving from St Augustine so we will set out a bit earlier
  10. It counts as the best trip we have ever done . We started in Fairbanks ( 3 flights from the UK!) And did a DIY trip over a week to Seward to pick up the cruise
  11. This may be a stupid question but I am assuming its ok to turn up late ?
  12. (Humpback whale in Alaska, sea otters again in Alaska .Orca's jumping in the wake of the ship while sailing inside passage to Vancouver Then of of course the bears should off the ship
  13. As a vegetarian that menu fills me with joy ... Not !! I will be very unhappy with that lack of choice
  14. On NCL everyone in the same cabin also has to purchase the drink package ? Every cruise line I have been on ( unless all inclusive ) has the same rule
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