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  1. I’m sorry I have not returned to this site to update my refund status. I got a full refund from Regent to my original form of payment (credit card). I can’t remember exactly how long it took, but it was definitely in the three-month range. (Regent cancelled our late April cruise on March 30th. Refund posted at end of June). More amazingly, Travel Guard has finally agreed to refund my pricey travel insurance premium. Unlike some others who rushed to cancel their cruise and travel insurance when Covid-19 struck, I waited it out. I was lambasted on another thread for explaining how to effectively
  2. When you are legitimately wearing the NCL/Regent CEO’s “outfit”, I’ll consider your opinion. Until then, my questioning is as valid as your opinion. The current worldwide economic free-for-all has no comparison. No hate. Just truth.
  3. The first post on this subject was about 11 hours ago as I write this, per “Carol from California”s comment above. Where are the ubiquitous Regent cheerleaders? The ones who reveled in shooting down anyone and everyone who early-on questioned Regent/NCL’s ability to survive this world-altering event? The ones who dismissed any ideas that Regent might be in financial trouble...usually followed by Wall Street “insider knowledge”, predictions or even speculation on how Regent was above it all since they had no ships with reported Covid cases. As for the original question regarding credit card
  4. I just did the online request yesterday. No response and I don’t expect one just yet. If they deny my request, then I’ll keep the policy in place for my cancelled cruise. That way, if heaven forbid Regent files bankruptcy, I will turn to the insurance company for my full refund instead.
  5. I took this screen shot 4 days ago , March 28th. When I went on Regent earlier today, I couldn’t find it. Instead, lots of new announcements under the Reassurance heading. The specific “Pre-embarkation Public Health Questionnaire” referenced in the March 23, 2020 General Travel Advisory (and still on the website 4 days ago) is no longer part of the updated March 30, 2020 General Travel Advisory.
  6. I looked on the Regent website for the 70 and over questionnaire. It seems to have disappeared. Am I imagining this?
  7. I don’t know where you live. Where I live, if you submit your claim first, it supersedes anything that comes later.
  8. I hope this will be the last page of this post that I started eight pages and thousands of views ago. * Yes, Regent has finally done “the right thing”!* Regent even went so far as to announce on their webpage that they will give 2 weeks notice regarding any future cancellations. So, despite comments that our weary pleas and tales of woe were falling on deaf ears (because supposedly no one at Regent had the time or was interested/paying attention to their customer-base on Cruise Critic), I’ve heard just the opposite. Thank you Regent.
  9. I worked in the Claims Department of a multi-State Insurance company for 10 years. I can tell you from personal experience (a subpoena to testify in a lawsuit filed against the “company” by a disgruntled insured) that many times, case law comes into effect as the result of a ruling in a lawsuit. The current situation that cruise lines and travel insurance companies find themselves in, is unprecedented. Most prior Covid-19 insurance policies did not address coverage or necessarily exclude coverage for cancellation by a CRUISE LINE due to a pandemic. (I guarantee ALL policies are being
  10. Thank you!!! Since I started this post, I‘m jumping back in (momentarily) even though I promised to stay quiet on page one. I’ve read all the responses. I’m encouraged by people who felt the freedom to express their opinions...even as they risked possible ridicule from a handful of those who think cruise deposits/full payments should be treated as a charity contribution to the cruise line, as a way to keep them “afloat” so the booster-club can complete their multiple pre-booked future cruises. Dilly dilly. I just read Regent’s most recent “update” as of March 22nd. One thing that
  11. My breathing is fine, thank you. Seriously...worry about more important things? I’m hardly wringing my hands or gnashing my teeth. I know better than to get into any kind of meaningful conversation with veteran “posters” on this board. There’s a lot of people who read the comments but never say a word...and for good reason. My post is for them. I’ll be quiet now. That should make the 20 regulars happy campers.
  12. I’m writing this in case Regent execs are monitoring the mood of Regent customers...past, present and future. Spoiler Alert: I am not an experienced Regent “cruiser”. In fact, I’ve never been on a Regent cruise. I can’t boast about how many Regent cruises I’ve been on, what my frequent cruiser status is, or how often I get insider information from my “contacts“. But, I do have a fully-paid-for (not cheap!) cruise scheduled in April. Unfortunately, the embarkation date is beyond the April 11th date that Regent believes their current suspension will end. On what alternative planet is the CEO and
  13. Thank you for the laugh! Funniest thing I’ve seen all day. The TP rolls were a nice touch too😂😂😂
  14. If this is Regent’s approach to weed out those with high risk factors who are of a “certain age”, IMHO they are using poor logic. What about those who are booked on upcoming cruises that happen to be BELOW a certain age? The CDC has come out, verbally and in writing, that people SIXTY AND OVER should NOT cruise right now. Period. So why (rhetorical question) would Regent pick 70 as the starting point? Why not 70 and a half? Or 72? Heck, why not just push it to 80 and eliminate two entire decades. The fact is, many underlying conditions do not begin or end at a magic age. I believe the form sho
  15. It changed late yesterday from 30 days to 48 hours.
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