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  1. Yes I love the edible straws ! Maybe it’s a Georgia thing?
  2. Has Anyone stayed in or seen cabin 12700 on the Getaway? We have scoured the internet looking for pics or videos. What were your impressions? TIA
  3. Pride Price Checking this morning... Cruise week 11/29 missing and 12/6 and 12/13 were not showing up..rut row
  4. Now the whole site is down down for maintenance.
  5. We found if we ask.. that Grey Goose Vodka and Hendricks Gin were available We did not have as much luck with Bourbon .. We found the BEST bartenders on the ship were at the Alchemy bar. The drinks were consistent, mixed well and served with some fun and fair. Since we had the drink package we chatted it up with the them and they each made for us the signature drink that they are "known for". We had a blast, got to try new things and developed a good rapport with the Alchemy bar staff.
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