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  1. Thanks so much for the link.
  2. I'm going to book the 10.10am train today. Thank you very much JB.
  3. My flight is at 5.20pm to Rome from terminal 4. This is why I presume to have enough time to get to the airport and stick with the St Pancras route. Not sure about wich time to book the train..9.10am arriving at 10.51 or 10.10am arriving at 11.51
  4. Oh, I see. Thanks for your reply. Should I worry about it? Or just buying my ticket as planned?
  5. Thanks again JB for your quickly reply! I got a call from FO and confirmed they dont offer any transfer to the airport. So travelling as a solo I will take the train as you suggested. But also with the link you posted, I cant get direct train to London (se tha attached image). It is weird because I got direct train on March 19th but not on 22nd.
  6. The CMV site in "Where are our ships today?" says that she is still in Rotterdam.
  7. I posted this in the Fred Olsen board: "Just booked my first FO cruise from/to Dover on the Boudicca on March 2020. I will spend one nigth in London the day prior the cruise and getting to Dover by train the next morning. Going back to London Heathrow for my return flight at 5.20 pm on March 22nd, I would like to use the ship transfer but I cant find any info in my reservation. Do the cruise line offer it? If yes, how much does it cost? Thanks in advance." I sent an email to FO also and still waiting for their reply. In case the transfer is not offer, my idea is taking the express train to St. Pancras and then the undergrond til Piccadilly for the Heatrow express (as I will do to get to the ship). Checking on the southwestern railway site it shows no direct train but a first leg by bus from Dover Priory to Ashford Int. and a second leg from there by train to London St Pancras ( 1 hour 41 minutes total) . Is it a good plan? Thanks in advance.
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