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  1. We are going to be in Santorini on my Hubby's birthday and would like to plan something out of the ordinary. It is our first time in Greece, so we do want to do an excursion, but would like to have a special meal or a drink at a must-see place. We are in Santorini from 1pm-10pm on RCCL Jewel of the Seas. Thank you in advance for any help.
  2. Hubby and I and our BFF and his Mom are looking forward to this cruise - hoping to meet some awesome people along the way. It is our first time to Rome and Greece.
  3. We are taking our travel to the next level and chartering a yacht for 7-10 days to tour Greece and Italy next May. It is the first time we've done this and welcome any tips from anyone who has done this before. I understand some are inclusive and some are plus expenses, any other hidden things to watch out for? Thank you
  4. My husband and I, along with three friends (one gay and two straight) will be onboard and would love to meet anyone else on the ship.
  5. Thank you! Awesome idea about driving. Will pass that along.
  6. Hi Friends, My sister and BIL are going on a two month self-exploration of Mexico and Central America. They are considering a cruise that stops in Belize and just not getting back on the ship ... telling the ship personnel as they leave. 1) Has anyone done this before? 2) I know people get kicked off or miss the boarding time in a port and are responsible for getting to the next port, but what if they don't go to the next port? 3) Will they have trouble getting out of Belize at the airport to go to the next city? This is odd, I know - i don't think it is something they should do, but they asked me so I thought I would ask the smartest audience in cruising.
  7. Thanks for the feedback - I think we are going with Treetop...the 150ft and 800ft grabbed my attention. I have only done it once in Honduras and it was so much fun ... but it was in wide open space, so I think through the trees will be fun.
  8. I am so bummed, our cruise in October leaves the same day that Shaun T. is here in DFW doing a live workout; I worked out with him in LA in June and it is amazing. Sounds like you've got the meals down ... good program to follow with spreading out meals through the day. Asylum is a great workout, very sports-centric ... nothing like running a mile in your living room ... Its it fast-paced and really intense. I started using the Results and Recovery drink during Asylum to help get past the post-workout crash and it helped a ton. Am working hard doing P90X right now and hoping I don't blow it during the cruise...will be taking P90X and Asylum with me onboard, for sure.
  9. YES - drink it every day since October 2010 and love it! Have been doing P90X and Asylum with it and have lost over 35lbs. What is your fav recipe?
  10. Did you take P90X with you? We leave in about 39days and will have finished the second round, but want to take the workouts with us to do onboard ... was joking tonight as we did Sneaky Lunges, that we could do them in laps around the ship and see if anyone caught on to what we were doing. : ) Since we will have just finished 90 days, planning on taking a variety of P90X, Insanity: Asylum and Turbo Jam to do onboard...hope the gym has room for us.
  11. Hey - I haven't done Insanity, but I have done Insanity: Asylum and it is awesome! Shaun T. is a killer trainer!!! Are you following the meal planner along with your workout?
  12. Hiya, We will be on St. Lucia and really want to Zipline and have two companies that we have found. Has anyone had experience with either one? (Good or Bad) Treetop Adventure Park Rainforest Adventures (this one sounds like the RCCL shore excursion) Any input would be appreciated. Have a great evening.
  13. Howdy - Anyone else on the SotS 10/23? We have a group - 1 M/M couple, 1 F/F couple, 1 M and some str8 friends. Give us a shout if you are onboard. : )
  14. I am SOOO EXCITED! You have the same room that we have in Oct...but the opposite route..great to hear about St. M...can't wait!
  15. Thank you for the great information ... We are so excited as this will be the first time to San Juan for all of us. I have been scouring the bidding hints and betterbidding website and can't wait to get started bidding.
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