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  1. emmak8

    New Zealand on Majestic Princess November 24, 2018

    Thank you for posting. Your pictures are awesome. I was on the Majestic 35 days on its first voyage from Barcelona to Singapore. Deck 17 was my favorite with its covered pool and private seating areas .
  2. emmak8

    Enchanted "Preview" cruise 06/18/2020

    Booked the Enchanted for the fall of 2020. B2B including transatlantic. Sailed the Majestic 2017, booked on the Sky fall 2019, and looking forward to Enchanted. I LOVE new Princess ships!!!
  3. emmak8

    Princess Website

    Same here! And it's too early to call Princess!
  4. emmak8

    Itineraries Getting Stale

    What about Cape Town? Would love to cruise from South Africa. Also, wish Princess would bring back transpacific cruises. Last April there was a cruise from Japan to Alaska through the inside passage to Vancouver.
  5. emmak8

    Back from first Princess cruise: thoughts

    Thanks for posting your review.
  6. In over 50 cruises, the laundry has come back fine. No problems! This perk makes planning for a long cruise so much easier.
  7. Love your trip report! Thanks for posting.
  8. Thank you for posting. Glad things are getting back to normal.
  9. emmak8

    Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE

    Seems as if NCL is doing the best at recognizing solo travelers. It's time the other cruise lines wake up and give us a break.
  10. emmak8

    Last night on Caribbean Princess

    Looking forward to your review. I was on the Caribbean Princess in July and it was a great cruise!
  11. emmak8

    Storage under bed?

    Very convenient to store large suitcase under the bed on the CB. Have a wonderful cruise.
  12. emmak8

    British Isles Trip Review w/Pics: A Thesis :)

    What an amazing report!! Thank you, Emily. I am doing the British Isles cruise August 2019. Your wonderful story of your trip will be so helpful. You should be published!!
  13. emmak8

    Sky Princess

    La Mer was a specialty restaurant on the Majestic. I didn't try it because nothing on the menu excited me. I was on the Majestic 35 days and I noticed La Mer was often empty.
  14. Thank you for taking time to post your review. I was on the CB the week before and I agree with your comments.
  15. emmak8

    Embarkation lunch in MDR

    Be sure to try the souffle for dessert!