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  1. I remember this episode and now I'm eager to watch it again!
  2. Thank you for posting and so glad you had a terrific cruise.
  3. Have a wonderful cruise!! Thanks for sharing!!
  4. How bad can typhoon season be? The 2020 summer olympics is in Tokyo in August 2020 during the height of typhoon season!!!
  5. Well that definitely changes my aug/sept plans!! I'll put this on hold until another time. I don't want to tangle with NATURE because NATURE always wins!!! Thanks for posting.
  6. Travellovers2 : I am considering booking a van-tokyo cruise aug/sept 2021. The more research I do, It is typhoon season. I love the itinerary and it's on Royal Princess. And It's the only time of the year for this cruise . Have you any encouraging thoughts being you've chosen to go in sept?
  7. Thank you for your refreshing review! I hope the cabin steward is no longer with Princess!!
  8. Thanks for posting! I'll follow along. It's so rare that Princess has a deal for solos. You got a great offer.
  9. Sailed out of NY many times. It has always been Red Hook, Brooklyn except for 2012 Hurricane Sandy. Red Hook was severely flooded and we sailed out of Manhattan.
  10. Looking forward to your blog. I had to cancel TA on the Sky . Hope you have a great cruise. I love Barcelona. The HOHO bus is one of the best ways to see the city. There are also several free walking tours.
  11. Thank you for posting! These are excellent.
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