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  1. As others have said, use the on-board deck plans when picking cabins, and try to get a cabin with only cabins above and below you. We prefer the aft balcony cabins on the Empress decks ourselves, quieter, bigger balconies and spectacular views. Plus the motion of the ship puts us right to sleep every night.
  2. we're on the same 4/9/17 cruise and have been following the status as well - seems everything was repaired and there's been no further engine problems.
  3. Glad to hear the good news about repairs being completed! We sail on the Splendor 4/9/17 and can't wait to get away from this single digit temps/approaching blizzard up here!
  4. Thanks again, Pe4all - we're counting down the days (ssssssslllllllooooowwwwllllyyyy) until we're in that cabin.
  5. Our very first ever cruise was on the Fantasy in 1999 and we had a porthole cabin (this was before we discovered the bliss of the aft extended balcony cabins!). Our cabin had recessed area around the porthole that was big enough for my wife to sit in and pose for pictures. We liked that cabin and as long as you're not prone to motion sickness the bow cabins are great. We slept like babies which amazed us since we'd never cruised before. ENJOY!!
  6. We've sailed on both the Valor and Liberty and other than the decor we really didn't notice any significant differences. They are sister ships and we enjoyed both ships equally. I'm sure you'll have a great cruise on the Liberty.
  7. With that, you've cemented our happiness at booking this cabin. Repeats are the best endorsement!
  8. I'm on my way to your review now! Thanks for the input!!
  9. Great to hear, thanks so much for the input!
  10. Thanks!! We sailed on the Legend twice and it's still our favorite ship. But happy to be hearing such good things about this cabin.
  11. PE4All - you had the noise issue with deck chairs when you were on deck 8, yes? Deck 7 has cabins above and below it (we always choose deck 7 for that reason, much less noise). But thank you for the information about crew noise and the balcony - the more we think it was a great choice for us.
  12. looks like the 4/9/17 cruise is very popular! See you aboard!
  13. Wow - your anniversary, my birthday.... We'll bang on the ceiling of our cabin to say hello!
  14. Forgot to answer you.... we sail on the splendor on 4/9/17, for my 60th bday.
  15. Great to hear about you liking the location and about the stairs!! Thank you!
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