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  1. Wow, thank you very much. I have read everything about this luau and missed that all together. Really bummed because I have read that its the best one to go to. Now i need to start looking again!!!
  2. We are looking at the Luau Kalamaku in Kauai. Is anyone familiar with this one?? I think it looks pretty close to the port. Can anyone confirm??
  3. Bringing old thread up. Can anyone that has sailed on the Brilliance lately tell me if this is still available?? It is not shown on the list of spa treatments in my planner
  4. Does anyone have a current price list for the spa?? do they do makeup??
  5. I am doing 2 Budget one way rentals, both for a day. One day pre cruise and one day post cruise. I am flying in and out of St. Pete and rented from there to the location in the Embassy Suites hotel (513 S Florida St) pre cruise. And from the Embassy to St Pete, post cruise. We did this a couple years ago at the Embassy location. Just dont remember which car rental. As someone stated above, they just used our rental car and took us over to the port. Just curious if anyone has walked from Embassy to the port?? We will probably be there early in the morning and only have one suitcase, so it seems like an easy morning walk (just .7 mile) Just curious if there are sidewalks the whole way and if its a decent walk. I know we can uber, but for that short of distance, I would rather just get my walk in. I will try to come back here and update on Budget PS. I got great deals for one way, one day rentals. $43 pre cruise, $37 post cruise (with all taxes)
  6. Enjoying this review so far. I am hoping at some point you will post pictures of the daily newsletter (sorry don't know what its called on NCL) Or at least post was some of the daily and nightly activities were. We normally cruise RCI and spend some time each evening in the casino. So this will be a change for us. Just making sure there is plenty to do. We just booked for next September. The same week you just did. Could you share what airline you took and if you booked your flights on your own? or thru NCL?? Any hints to getting a good price?? We will be flying out of Ohio. Keep hearing rumors that Southwest is going to start flying to HAwaii. Sure hope that is true.
  7. Thanks Bob. Was hoping you would steer me in the right direction
  8. I have a future cruise credit that will expire on 10/22/18. As luck would have it, we could not make anything work before then. It is just a $94 credit from missing a day last year during hurricane Irma. But sure would like to get it to work. We just booked a cruise for 11/8/18 (yes, just 16 days late) wondered if anyone has had luck getting them to extend a FCC??? And if so, who is the best to talk to?? I know there is much talk about all the call centers being outsourced. Is this true with all crown and anchor numbers also. Suggestions of the best number to call??? thanks all PS. We will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary on this cruise AND we will turn diamond (finally) woo hoo
  9. We rented from Avis about 5 years ago when on a girls cruise. I remember that we planned to return the car and then walk to the port. But when we got to the rental return, one of the employees took us to port and dropped us off. Not sure if this is normal or not. I will call the Avis office tomorrow. We normally go to the port between 10-11. So since its just my hubby and I, we will probably plan on walking it. Especially if we decide to pop in and out of a few places to eat, or shop
  10. May still want to consider a car rental. I have found the closest rental. Avis is like 3/4 mile from the port. It is in the lobby of the Embassy Suites. We are flying into PIE a day early. Will rent for one day from airport and head to our hotel. Return to Embasy when heading to the port. Then after cruise will do the reverse. I have found one day rentals on a compact car (just two of us) to be only $30 total each time. Even if we don't use the car once at the hotel, its still a good deal.
  11. Hopefully someone else will respond with local info. I have not used Uber in Tampa, but we have used it in many other cities and never never had any issues. And I wouldn't think it would be hard to find the car. We have used Uber in FLL port, which is much more hectic. And the driver will just call you and tell you where to meet. And FYI, you can either use laptop and go to uber estimate. Or on the app, just type in the location of your hotel, under "where to, Then will have to change "current location" to the port location. which is 815 channelside dr. (can you tell I'm searching this right now also??) Once you put the two addresses in, it will automatically give you the approx cost. JUST MAKE SURE TO NOT HIT CONFIRM AT THIS POINT. Or you will order the uber. Then just exit out or go back to check a different location. Hopefully you can follow this.
  12. I checked uber. For us, port of Tampa to St. Pete Tradewinds would be $39 (for 4) $50 for 6. I guess that would be an option for you if you didnt want a vehicle the whole time. Or I know some hotels will help with transportation
  13. We are staying at St Pete Beach after our cruise on the Brilliance in November. I think we will rent a car. Anyone know the closest car rental from the port??
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