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  1. great site. thank you very much. sounds like they have a flight scheduled home tomorrow night. Now to wait and see if it all works out. Pictures of Bahamas are heartbreaking.
  2. Can anyone give me an update on the airports?? Have a friends son on a carnival (i know thats a bad word here) ship. They are suppose to get back into miami tomorrow. From what I can tell Miami airport is running as normal other than flights in and out of NC and SC Also, is is looking good for the ports to open back up tomorrow??? They are a couple of young couples on their first cruise and really first major trip. And they have no clue what to do. They are whoever having a great time in Key West and Cozumel.
  3. Is the info on the carnival website still all the newest info?? Any word if port of miami is opening tomorrow?? Have friends whose son is on the Victory. First cruise. First real vacation for several young married couples. They have been in contact and are having a great time on board. Loved cozumel and Key west. Just don't know what to expect and when to try to get flights changed to come back home. I am searching for info also on Miami airport. Is that open and are flights coming in and out??
  4. Wow, thank you very much. I have read everything about this luau and missed that all together. Really bummed because I have read that its the best one to go to. Now i need to start looking again!!!
  5. We are looking at the Luau Kalamaku in Kauai. Is anyone familiar with this one?? I think it looks pretty close to the port. Can anyone confirm??
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