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  1. Looks like 'Majesty' is for sale. See: https://wp.me/pfRKD-8Ab
  2. The CMV Fleet Is Now For Sale See here: https://wp.me/pfRKD-8zP Let's hope at least a few of the CMV ship are returned to service. However I do fear for Marco Polo.
  3. Thanks Pensoncruiser. Have not cruised with them since Thomson Celebration 2008.
  4. Thanks. Is the entertainment mainly done by the onboard team?
  5. How does Marella compare this Thomson Cruises. I only cruised onboard Thomson Celebration, buy have been with many other lines since.
  6. Hi team, is there any news or clues about Fred. losing two ships?
  7. The ship is currently in the design phase.
  8. It's funny some people complained about Thomson's little old ships, but now I miss them. A lot of people said that they needed to modernize their fleet, which they are, but this changes the product into something else. As you say they have abandoned the UK ports. However maybe they will be back to pick up some of the old CMV trade. Maybe the CMV CEO will buy back/charter a couple of CMV ships and start over again!😊
  9. With CMV gone, I wonder how I am going to stay looking young? Let me explain: I have done a number of CMV cruises over the past decade. My wife and I, usually succumb to having our photo taken by the CMV pro-photographer. Sometimes it is at dinner, occasionally we pose for a formal photograph. All of the photos have been excellent (apart from the rushed one taken at embarkation). They all have one thing in common: we always look at least ten years younger in the photos! I wonder how they do it? A filter maybe that removes wrinkles? Photoshop -- unlikely? So how will I stay looking young in the future, without CMV taking my photo?
  10. I'm mature now, but when I took my first Olsen cruise I was in my late 30's but still looked young-ish. The lady at the check-in said to my wife and I, "are we crew" Many of the passengers, at the time, were twice our age, although I do not have a problem with this. many of them had more get up and go than many youngsters. I always enjoyed the CMV crowd. have you ever tried Thomson cruises. They were similar to CMV.
  11. Yes, It makes good business sense for somebody to take up the CMV slack. Olsen's style and fleet are a similar product, just MORE expensive for a similar quality in my opinion too. All they need to offer the CMV ports and drop their prices!😉 Marella might be interested too. Ships like Thomson Spirit and Celebration (now both gone) would have appealed to CMV fans. I bet Olsen reconsiders losing two ships!
  12. Olsen said two ship would be going BEFORE CMV collapsed. Maybe they are reconsidering. CMV had many regular fans at various UK reginal ports. Maybe Olsen will want to win them over to their product? Maybe Olsen can use the CMV itineraries/berths, which must all be going spare at the moment? Lot's of "Maybes" 😉
  13. Here is some speculation, in the absence of facts: 😉 https://malcolmoliver.wordpress.com/2020/07/29/carnival-fascination-and-imagination-to-leave-the-fleet/
  14. Is Fred Olsen the only line that still does not provide a proper lunch on embarkation day. Previously I have been offed a few finger sandwiches.
  15. CMV were often 'more affordable' than Olsen.
  16. CMV generally had three ship serving UK reginal ports and some very affordable fares. I think Olsen may retain 5 or 6 ships in order to attract CMV business. The Olsen product is probably the most similar to CMV's on offer.
  17. I cruised on both ships, some years back. Boudicca had been re-fitted and looked more contemporary. Black Watch was looking a little old fashioned in terms of decor. Is there much difference between the two now, in terms of decor?
  18. It's a tragedy. I fear that CMV's traditional little ships will be scrapped.
  19. I last cruised on Braemar in 1998. She did not handle, choppy seas, so well. Doe she handle them any better now she's ben lengthened?
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