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  1. Hello from GCT’s. River Aria in Vienna. Gorgeous weather after heavy morning fog. Hope weather holds! On to Melk tomorrow.
  2. Jen did respond. My email seemed to be the problem. But Cc can change your email. Not you. Again, the CC website apis so truly poor. Anyway, they are working on a new app. Er, didn’t they already have an app? Just saying.
  3. Hi! Going on the Oct. 20 Great Rivers of Europe GCT trip beginning in Vienna. Have never been in GCT before, but have been on several Overseas Adventure Travel land trips. I agree very little reviews etc. on either CC or the GCT website (which is pretty lame in general as far S traveler participation. Looking forward to the trip. Have only done one other riverboat trip (Uniworld B to B in France). Not expecting great luxury on this trip but interesting sounding itineraries and a good value for money.
  4. Good afternoon from the beautiful Berkshires in western MA USA. My husband and I will be taking the Grand Circle Travel River Aria riverboat trip from Vienna to Amsterdam in October. Please pardon my ignorance, but is the possibility of switching ships due to low water level (Passau etc.) true of all the ships, or just the bigger ones? I suspect our ship, being older than many, is on the smaller side. Or or am I mistaken about this? many thanks for any insight.
  5. Will add user name. Will mention no responses to previous tries. . Have searched spam. Only really have one email address. thanks so much for responding
  6. Whatever I do, I never get email notifications. I understand the process, but it doesn’t work. And emailing “help” on CC is a joke. Never a response. Very frustrating.
  7. How do you do this? I see no link from the member info.
  8. My husband and I are going on Grand Circle’s Great Rivers of Europe cruise in late October. Part of this trip is on the Main. Would welcome h3aring more about the Main.
  9. I think it would also be pretty offensive to most Thais to have someone so obviously ethnically wrong playing their King. Remember when Mickey Rooney played a Japanese man in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Also very offensive.
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