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  1. Hi Bob. Curious if you know any details about the Gem dry dock slated for November. Can’t seem to find any info on CC. Was on an LA to NY Gem cruise last winter. Like many things better on the Gem than on the Bliss (just finished a 14 day cruise on it)
  2. Thanks for these reports. I have really enjoyed this cruise and we really were lucky with the weather. Right now (10:40 PM) it is very smooth up here on deck 12 in the absolute front of the ship. Big change from yesterday. Had a FaceTime talk with my husband a few minutes ago with the best result of the cruise. Again, FaceTime audio does work with the Unlimited WiFi package.
  3. Hello Pete from the internet stations in the atrium. Yesterday in the Observation lounge some guy started to sing (badly) folksongs and pop songs from the 50s and 60s. While the music from the ship was also playing. He kept it up for an hour. I think music of all kinds (except the entertainer hired by NCL) should be banned in this area. I also am getting grumpy about the people in the buffet who don't use the tongs, etc. Ah well, first world problems!
  4. I don’t think there have been any problems at all on the Bliss this trip. I think they are now be8g extra careful. Which is good.
  5. I think it’s pretty good. I don’t have the even more expensive package for streaming. But I’ve used FaceTime so that takes care of touching base with home. Websites load pretty well. Generally better when in port or early in morning or late at night but way better than the Gem last year.
  6. Hi from the Bliss! Actually, I have the non premium WiFi package and have been using FaceTime to call home daily. So not blocked. Hope someone from NCL doesn’t notice this! I’ve found the WiFi not bad so far
  7. Curious. Is it only NCL having all these outbreaks of illness or are other lines having the same issues?
  8. I decided it was not worth fretting over how many minutes I had left and upgraded to unlimited online for $224 (Bliss, 2 week sailing). I don’t see how you could upgrade on board after already using your free at sea 250 minutes and get the deal minus that $125. It seems to me you could only get the unlimited minus the $125 if you didn’t use any minutes on board prior to upgrading. Of course, math is not my forte, so correct me if I’m wrong. My TA said it wasn’t possible too,by the way.
  9. Hi again. So I assume you are docked at the same part of the terminal as the bliss, correct? Meaning that getting good free Wi-Fi is going to be very near the ship, right? Meaning that getting good free Wi-Fi is going to be very near the ship, right? Trying to figure out ways to make the best use of my Free at sea minutes before buying more.
  10. Thanks for clarifying. I thought it was unlikely NCL would actually offer a good deal (g). Think I might just use my free at sea minutes and then buy a second round of 250. Think ai May get an extra 30 minutes for being Gold.
  11. Hi! So I assume you were using your free at sea minutes before upgrading but with the unlimited they still gave you the full $125 off the price of the unlimited? I’ll be in a two week cruise on the Bliss shortly and am interested in upgrading on board. I read someplace else that on a two week cruise you can upgrade a few days into the cruise. I did a cruise last Jan. on the Gem and really enjoyed it!
  12. So I gave up and signed up for the shuttle from NCL Bliss To Cocoa Beach Surf Co. I know it’s a shopping thing mainly, but is there anywhere else to walk to from there? Just looking for a pleasant interlude before taking shuttle back to the ship.
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