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  1. Maybe that's what happened. They pulled them until they get the kinks out. Wonder what will happen to the gift cards that the people got without pin numbers? I didn't know my pin number until it arrived in the mail, the last time I purchased them under the old rewards.
  2. That's what I was thinking too. I don't have quite enough to purchase one of the gift cards, so I was thinking that it might be reason I can't see them. I was just hoping to find them, before I got more points, so I'd at least know I had a goal to shoot for something. lol
  3. How to you get to the option to purchase them? I've been all over the website and can't find them. I even looked through every single gift card available, and still can't locate them. 😞
  4. Just watched a video this morning, giving the news that Armonia is coming to Tampa in November of 2020. We already have a 4 day cruise booked out of Ft. Lauderdale for November 2020, but I wanted to see if they have 2021 bookings for Armonia available, and they do. We were getting ready to book Meraviglia just to be able to experience MSC's new private island, but really didn't want to do another 7 day on MSC for now, since we had a good experience on Divina, but a bad experience on Seaside. So, when I found a 4 day on Armonia out of Tampa (which is only a 1 hour drive
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