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  1. Maybe that's what happened. They pulled them until they get the kinks out. Wonder what will happen to the gift cards that the people got without pin numbers? I didn't know my pin number until it arrived in the mail, the last time I purchased them under the old rewards.
  2. That's what I was thinking too. I don't have quite enough to purchase one of the gift cards, so I was thinking that it might be reason I can't see them. I was just hoping to find them, before I got more points, so I'd at least know I had a goal to shoot for something. lol
  3. How to you get to the option to purchase them? I've been all over the website and can't find them. I even looked through every single gift card available, and still can't locate them. 😞
  4. Just watched a video this morning, giving the news that Armonia is coming to Tampa in November of 2020. We already have a 4 day cruise booked out of Ft. Lauderdale for November 2020, but I wanted to see if they have 2021 bookings for Armonia available, and they do. We were getting ready to book Meraviglia just to be able to experience MSC's new private island, but really didn't want to do another 7 day on MSC for now, since we had a good experience on Divina, but a bad experience on Seaside. So, when I found a 4 day on Armonia out of Tampa (which is only a 1 hour drive from us), it works out great. Going to Key West, and the new private island, out of a port that is close to home, on a ship that we've never been on, is the perfect opportunity. Looks like Tampa is going to be full of ships in 2020. Not 100% sure, but looks like Celebrity Constellation, HAL Veendam, Norwegian Jade, are alsol coming to Tampa in November of 2020. Carnival Legend, Carnival Paradise, Rhapsody of the Seas, and Brilliance of the Seas is going to already be there, so it looks like cruise-filled days for Tampa. 🙂
  5. We booked Seaside back when it first came to Miami, believing that we were going to make it to the private island, and it wasn't even built by then. Then a hurricane came and destroyed most of the islands on the Eastern Caribbean itinerary, and we ended up going on a Western Caribbean itinerary. We didn't go to one place that we were suppose to, but we still had fun. I'm not booking my next MSC, until I actually see a ship go to the island, so I'm waiting until November to book.
  6. As of July 25th, AARP stopped giving reward points, due to them beginning a new point system in the near future. You can use the points you have, to purchase the Carnival gift cards if you have at least 1,000 points to get the $100 gift card, or 5,000 points to get the $500 gift card. Anything left over on your points, can not be carried over to their new point system when it comes available. I hope when the new rewards become available, that the Carnival gift cards are still available.
  7. I just got off the phone with Carnival. They let me take my deposit and apply it to my balance on my 2019 Conquest cruise, so I thought that was a nice gesture. That's what I was planning on doing with the refund anyways, since I haven't found another cruise to replace the Cuba one that I wanted to go on as of yet. I was on the phone on hold the first time I called for about 20 minutes. I hung up, and called back about 30 minutes later, and was on hold for about 10 minutes, so that wasn't too bad at all.
  8. Yep, I agree. It's very simple. Have a wonderful day.
  9. So, you're saying that if you were to purchase a cruise through a travel agent, that it's not fair that they would give a $50 OBC to those that book an inside room or oceanview, and then give $100 OBC to those that book a balcony or suite at double and triple the price? That would be ridiculous for them to offer that? Ridiculous would be paying $1,700 to go to the Bahamas or Cozumel on a 5 day cruise with the $100 per person OBC being a drop in the hat. You can get a balcony room for 2 people on a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean for less than that. It's not about being ridiculous, it's about being sensible with your money when it comes to your vacation.
  10. So, obviously you think that people that purchased inside rooms are more important, to the point that they deserve the same onboard credit as someone that purchased a suite. $100 OBC isn't crap, when you take into consideration that our rates were based with including medical insurance that we no longer need. Port fees were much, much higher, than a regular cruise to the Caribbean. Carnival is making money off of these OBCs, compared to what is being offered as a substitute. You obviously didn't have a cruise booked to Cuba, or if you did, you got a cheap inside room, and will enjoy your $100 per person OBC. Oh, and also love how you used the name of "Jesus" in your ridiculous response.
  11. IMO it might be fair for those that booked an inside room, however, to compensate an OBC to be the same for those that paid for an inside room, compared to those that paid for a suite or a balcony room, is not fair at all. They should have tiered the OBC based on what type of room you paid for.
  12. I was thinking the same thing.... WTH happened to this post? It's gotten so it has absolutely nothing to do what the original poster posted. This thread might as well be shut down now. It's useless.
  13. Well tell that to Royal Caribbean that just announced that their cruise for June 5th and June 6th, will no longer be going to Cuba.
  14. If they swap Cuba for Nassau I will really be upset, because our itinerary already has Nassau on it. I would never have paid a prime price for a 5 day cruise that only goes to Nassau, because you can get those for cheap prices all day long. If they don't let me move my non-refundable deposit over to another Carnival cruise, then they can keep it, and I'll find another cruise line to book my next cruise vacation on.
  15. I agree with you 100%. My thoughts exactly. I'll give up the deposit (since it was non-refundable), and go on another cruise, however, if Carnival doesn't allow me to use that deposit on another Carnival cruise, the cruise we switch it out for, won't be Carnival. Some people are saying "they can change the ports, and there's nothing you can do about it." Well, I understand that if it's the weather, and they're swapping Mexico for Grand Turk, or something like that, but our cruise is almost 1 year out, and has nothing to do with the weather. That would be like saying that if you book a Panama Canal cruise, but when you get on the ship, you find out that you're going to St. Thomas instead, then oh well, there is nothing you can do about it? That would be BS.
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