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  1. Wow! That would be pretty awesome if you could stay on board... but part of me thinks you would have to get off as the other manifest is with Miami... but than again I am soooo not an expert. Let us know!:)
  2. Booking mine now from all your recommendations and til Valentines use code CSPA20 (has to be caps) and get 20% all spa purchases!
  3. I've only heard of movies being played on the ships that have the screen on the deck, never heard of it inside the showroom... I know they did not on the Sensation.
  4. I am not sure how long for sure you can keep it like that, but I am leading a group cruise and we sail March 10th on the Magic... and one of the guests just added his guest name last week. So I know you are safe til atleast 4 weeks out. Jenn
  5. Glad to hear positives!! We sail on her in 32 days!!!
  6. yes please come back and tell us even more!! We leave on her March 10th!!
  7. Again I said that I probably would not, but I am saying that there WILL be many that will reduce or not tip the couple dollars. Which is not fair to the servers, which are already working at a slaves pay and counting on the tips. But if they are going to charge for the service, than they can use that money to pay the servers?
  8. That is VERY true! Long wait time... ask for refund... food not GOOD .... refund. They will be dealing with this I am sure and reduced tips. Not saying I will be doing this but people do expect better if actually paying $$$.
  9. The current price you are paying for the category you are in 🙂
  10. Oh wow! For sure call today and talk to a supervisor and ask if the call was recorded. Atleast than they will know you are serious. Let us know how you make out!
  11. I am sooooo sorry for your loss 😞 There is a carnival lost and found group as well on that famous virtual world we cant mention. I was unsuccessful when my new engagement ring was left in the safe, bu some people are successful on there. I just feel your pain as every time I received Carnivals updated text message on my case (weirdly at 2am each time) that my item had still not been found and the final sorry we tried are best... my heart always sank 😞 Especially since I knew right were it had been left. I soooooo hope you return in the near future with great happy news!!!
  12. That is awesome!!!! Have fun with your kiddo!!!! Awww... super sweet!!
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