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  1. I did this! I was trying to see how much a cruise price was with out the added gratuity, and hit the wrong button. I called right away and explained and because I had not paid for the insurance they were able to take it off. I am soooo extra careful now:)
  2. I also was on hold, and told could not purchase over the phone because they ask for three digit security code for Cheers and because its a recorded line I cant buy over the phone..... so strange... maybe its a gimic lol!
  3. I took a picture too... as tried over ten times and not working. So hopefully by morning. 🙂
  4. https://www.carnival.com/core/requestforms/priceprotection.aspx
  5. Greg... thank you for updating... you are now famous!:) I literally had to catch up first thing this morning. I also shared your announcement yesterday on facebook... I never thought to ask you first, I am sorry... I was just like living it thru you... I hope you get home with out anymore mishaps! ❤️
  6. I can not imagine the not knowing 😞 Thinking of you as well!
  7. So hope you dont end up quarantined to your cabin! Atleast for now you can still walk around... thank you for keeping us posted on what its like on the ship!
  8. what a tease.... beautiful picture!!! Hope everyone is ok
  9. Hi! I have taken my autistic son on a few cruises! They did age him down in the kids club for me. May I also suggest, call the special needs department ahead of time. They are AMAZING! They met us as the port and walked us through the lines to get on the ship so was not overwhelming for my son. They had a special alarm go off when he went to get off the ship to make sure was with us. He received such VIP service on all the cruises. He never had to go to the drills if he was overwhelmed, someone talked him through it. He got a card from the captain once. I love Carnival for this reason... how t
  10. We are booked March 5, 2022 with a group of 12 cabins on Carnival Sunrise out of Miami! ❤️
  11. Thank you soooo much for sharing! Sharing with my group sailing on Pride for New Years cruise!
  12. I always wondered what it looked like, but never want to see first hand, so thank you for sharing!
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