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  1. If both south beach and breezy bay beds are sold out is chill island worth it? there are two ships that day so I assume that part will be crowded but is it overrun? We have a group of 7 and so I just want to make sure we'll all have chairs together without having to rush off ship, particularly as we are the second ship to arrive. We do like to snorkel so that will be a plus I guess.
  2. Our Oasis June sailing is down about $200 from a few weeks ago.Just upgraded room. However prices for cabanas etc on Coco Cay are still way higher than what I'm hearing on other sailings.
  3. No there is not private beach on Coco Cay for suite guests. There is Coco Cay Beach Club but it is extra charge for everybody. I cannot give first hand knowledge as I haven't been there yet but I've heard south beach is the quieter area, so I think we will head there.
  4. for a group of 7 with 3 teenagers, 2 in 20's plus parents do you think south beach or chill island would be better? south beach sounds more peaceful but I wonder is it too far from snorkel areas, food, pool etc? I wonder if it might be better to be closer to the action.
  5. Freedom for the itinerary- that's the southern itinerary I would love but haven't taken yet. Have not been on Vista but did enjoy Dream and Magic. My first RC cruise was Oasis which felt less crowded to me. To be honest I was expecting RC to feel a step up from Carnival but really they felt about equal as far as service/food etc so I wouldn't stress too much. I would decide what is more important to you, ship or itinerary. If it's ship then I would pick the one that has the most amenities and shows your family would enjoy.
  6. Our Oasis cruise in June cabanas are at 2000. I would seriously consider them at 1200, considering there are 7 of us and the regular admission is 199 now. Have you seen the price change at all for yours? I wonder if they will go down as it gets closer.
  7. My husband and I did this on Oasis in October and we had the whole pool for our class of 5 (the one closest to dive shop). It was a good introduction for the discover scuba dive I did later in the cruise in Cozumel but of course not anywhere near as in depth. It's a really great, inexpensive way to see if the gear is overwhelming of just too confining before paying more money for an excursion in port. It helped my husband decide that scuba was probably not for him.
  8. For $400 I would take the CP Balcony! Just having the extra space to sit is worth it to me. I haven't had one but I have done boardwalk balcony and really enjoyed it.
  9. Thanks so much for your review! I am considering the 4 day for spring break and I love hearing about your trip. We have two teenagers who would love sky pad, laser tag, etc. Did you find the ship crowded at all? I am a little worry about spring break having every cabin at capacity. I know that the waterslides and everything will have lines just hoping not too long. Staying on in Nassau seems to have worked out well!
  10. Thank you both. Leading towards the longer sailing on Indy!
  11. Hello, We are taking out two teenagers on a cruise for spring break- the week before Easter in April. I am looking at 4 day on Mariner or 5 day on Independence. The ships seem pretty comparable to me, however, I have read several times that Independence seems more crowded. During a busy spring break week I am sure both ships will be full of kids. Do you think we would be better off on Mariner? Or will it be so crowded it won't even matter? Independence has the advantage of one more night but I'd trade that if the experience on Mariner would be better.
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