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  1. I agree it’s taking too long but understand times are difficult. I’m glad that your money is finally with your TA, and thanks for letting us know.
  2. If you are dealing with Res UK I assume your booking is through a TA. Is it possible that they are part of the hold up. For one of my bookings it took 2 weeks for the TA just to get the cancellation notice to SS. Guests who were on the terminated World Cruise we’re reporting around 60 days for refunding.
  3. Rather surprised to see that they still have Muse Alaska and Whisper UK voyages showing for July.
  4. August 10th Spirit cancelled too.
  5. There is an email address for Barbara Muckermann on one of the other recent threads, she can probably help.
  6. It’s 30 days Stumblefoot, and hell for the 7 South Americans who get further away from home each day.
  7. That’s true for the Filipinos, but not for the other crew. Not sure is the answer.
  8. Latest news on the Muse, she is about to up anchor and sail for the Philippines to repatriate as many of the crew as possible.
  9. Thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated.
  10. I saw that too and have no idea why anyone would remove a post that is discussing a refurbishment and conversion of an SS ship on these boards. We live in strange times indeed.
  11. Actually the first cruise is now 2nd October, I was thinking of staff training and familiarity with new features prior to having any guests.
  12. Had the call this morning with the news. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet is just where is SS going to get somewhere in the in region of an additional 400 crew from to staff the Moon. At present the Philippine crew from the Whisper, Shadow, Wind and Spirit are still sitting in Southampton on the Spirit waiting for a charter flight to get them home. The crew of the the Muse and Explorer are still stuck outside Panama City, where they have been since the 23rd April, and with no idea where and when they can be disembarked to get home. Even if the ship is ready by the beginning of September that only leaves 3 months to sort the crewing out, assuming that some international travel has returned before then. IMHO it looks like a pipe dream.
  13. I have been trying to get information today, but ‘our SS guy’ isn’t responding to emails or phone calls, maybe tomorrow.
  14. Absolutely not, and they appear to be taking more like 90 days at the moment.
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