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  1. Thanks for your response, I later found that I could page through the threads on the SIlverSea board and eventually get to what I wanted, but using the search function wouldn’t find what I was looking for and the info in my profile section only shows the last 40 pages of posts. Why is this?
  2. Hi, I just went looking for a thread that I posted a couple of years ago as a reference point for someone and discovered that all my posts prior to March 2019 have gone. I now only have 40 pages of posts. Why has this happened and is there any way of getting back to them. I have trawled through this thread but cannot find an answer anywhere.
  3. I appreciate that you may have had an issue in the distant past but why is that relevant today. Since the pandemic started earlier this year there has been no suggestion that SS has refused to honor a cancellation refund request. They have taken a long time to credit refunds in many cases, but no one has reported a refusal, unlike some other travel companies.
  4. Considering that SS is effectively classless, the idea of obtaining Venetian days credit for the amount of money spent is, IMHO, a bad idea. I do wonder sometimes just what SS marketing is up to as we never seem to get any surveys, and as long term SS cruisers I would hope our opinion matters.
  5. Glad to hear its arrived, sorry it still took so long.
  6. Silver Moon inaugural voyage starts on April Fools Day!
  7. Good to see that someone at SS logistics or marketing has a sense of humor and has decided that the Silver Moon will now commence its inaugural voyage on April Fools Day.
  8. Well said Stumblefoot. We feel the melancholia too. By the way, does anyone know why this thread and no others that I can recall, always comes up with a stack of adverts on the right hand side on a IPad.
  9. The Voices have flown home to the UK, so that’s it for 2020.
  10. View from the Spirit in Malta?
  11. That’s correct. But you may not have a TA in mind when you book.
  12. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly refunds are being made now, at least in the UK anyway.
  13. Just a little surprised that it took this long. Cannot see SS running any cruises this side of the New a year, Saudi excepted.
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