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  1. Thanks for the information. We wouldn’t be getting off either as we have also been there before. My preference would be that SS drop all the stops in Turkey from our cruise, but dropping Kusadasi would allow to meet the 10 day rule.
  2. I believe the reason it specifically mentions England is because there is different advice from Scotland.
  3. That would be nice, however we are not holding our breath. We would love to be able to book a transatlantic.
  4. At least the insurance issue has gone away today with U.K. Gov lifting the advice not to cruise in International waters.
  5. UK Gov has just changed their international cruising advice, so that’s fixed the insurance issue. 😀
  6. That's an interesting comment from SS. We are on the Shadow Black Sea cruise that is due to call at Kusadasi just before we come home. We plan to stay on the ship even if it calls there and that should avoid the problem. You could wait and see what happens on our cruise at the beginning of October. Of course its entirely possible that: Turkey may go amber before then. SS may cancel the cruise. The UK Gov may ban us from travelling to Greece etc... The EU could ban us from travelling etc...
  7. Yes you can generally upgrade your air, but you will need to get a quote. It depends on a number of factors but can be cheaper to do so. IMHO there has been no move to any “de-formalisation” on SS cruises.
  8. Interesting as we have continued to see as many dressed up over the last 5 or so cruises that we have taken in the 2 years before the pandemic. Mind you we avoid cruising when kids are on holiday and the Caribbean like the plague.
  9. We just had a GTY released 6 months out. In the past it’s been more like 4 weeks though.
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