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  1. A visit to the royal tomb of King Phillip the second, father of Alexander
  2. Today we have reached our northern most point on this voyage, the home of Alexander the Great (or Alexander the Failure according to yesterday’s Athenian guide!). Hopefully this is as chilly as it gets, approx 20c.
  3. Volos this morning, pls don’t ask me why CC has put them upside down
  4. Just booked the Dawn t/a this morning, however, very happy to finally get to do the Moon maiden crossing that was cancelled from last year instead. 🤩
  5. That matches what we were told for our Athens departure.
  6. You obviously got to Valletta ok, have a great cruise! Are you going to post on the Viking board?
  7. In Greece there is a requirement to take a Lateral Flow test prior to boarding, analysis takes about 20 mins. It was administered at the port. We got an email from SS about a month or so before sail date asking us to upload vaccination certs, there was a link to follow in the email.
  8. In Athens they took people to a holding hotel as embarkation doesn’t start until 2pm.
  9. We are allowed ashore on our own in Greece, I believe when the ship eventually gets to Italy it will be bubble tours.
  10. No problem Wes, only reporting on a conversation. Normally this would not be an issue, however the lack of communication over the ‘hack’ or not, has led a number of people to be somewhat suspicious at the moment. Not just here but also on the SS FB group. IMHO this will continue until we get a definitive statement from Barbara Muckermann.
  11. Welcome to Amorgos, a very pleasant 28c (or 84 in old money)
  12. This was an SS email to someone (not a guest) who was scheduled to be on the Dawn maiden voyage.
  13. Excellent meal in La Terrazza tonight, very hot plates and hot Ragu, followed by some seriously good fegato. Tiki to start and some Nero D’Avola for the fagato. The service was excellent as usual!
  14. We have heard that the Dawn maiden voyage is cancelled and replaced by the Moon
  15. After a long trip from home to Heathrow, BA to Athens at an ungodly hour, a tarmac wait for Air Canada to remove itself from our gate and a bus journey to Piraeus and the port, we arrived at 3:30. A bit of form filling, a rather tentative nostril exploration and a 20 minute wait and we were passed to board. Luckily it was now 4pm and the suites were ready! Apparantly we have about 140 or so onboard and the internet works but is glacial. All in all life is fantastic.
  16. A quick ‘butt in’ ME, the new arrangement in the suites for the larger TV has meant that a significant amount of shelving space has disappeared, however the addition of two USB ports on either side of the bed is a godsend. I will speak to you about the smoker.
  17. Great, looks like we can do the Dawn crossing after all!
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